The Internet Is Evolving Into A Video-First Medium.

For a business to stay current with its marketing and make the most out of the publishing and distribution opportunities available, video storytelling is an essential part of the mix.

There has never been a better time to make a marketing video!

Video cameras are pocket-sized, user-friendly editing tools are available, and platforms for reaching and expanding your audience abound.

Let’s look at the why, what, and how of successful video marketing.

The Why, What, and How of Successful Video Marketing

Why Do It?

The argument for producing video marketing content goes deeper than just that the tools are at your fingertips.

Video holds the power to showcase your brand’s personality in a way that just words and images can’t. It opens up a world of creative possibilities and a straight pathway to human emotions.

When you tap into your audience’s emotions, your marketing leaves a lasting impression. Viewers will want to share that experience with their friends, and that’s where social media amplification can really accelerate brand awareness.


What To Record?

Video can be published live, pre-recorded and raw, or pre-recorded and edited. Each of these formats have their strengths and best uses:

  • Live video – this is great for event coverage or a quick look behind-the-scenes at your business.
  • Pre-recorded and raw – These short, one-take snippets are a good avenue to keep an informal vibe while providing value such as answering a customer question, interviewing an employee, or explaining product features.
  • Pre-recorded and edited – This format is more time-consuming but gives you the most storytelling options. Consider recording customer testimonials, product demos, instructional pieces, a company overview with employee interviews, or an in-house company presentation. These elements can stand alone as shareable videos, or be woven together into a more comprehensive feature. Use quality backgrounds, colors and music to set the right tone for your video that reflects your company’s vision and culture.


The Tools Available


A smartphone video camera works well for live video and pre-recorded raw video. It is really the only tool that is absolutely necessary to create and distribute in these formats.

For edited storytelling, more tools are required, and very available! Here are some especially useful services:

  • Filmora – This video editing software gives you the full suite of controls like trimming, rotating, speed and audio editing. It also comes preloaded with available music, filters, overlays, and texts.
  • Wistia – This is an equally robust video editing service, that also adds the element of heatmap style analytics that allow you to see how users engaged with your video – where they stopped, skipped forward, and rewatched.
  • Screenr – This “screencast” application lets you record your voice, mouse movements, and keystrokes for effective software demos and creates a shareable link. Screenr is free and web-based (no downloading software).
  • Wevideo – A custom video maker that allows you to easily add your logo and colors for a professional and easily exportable final product.

Use these helpful tools and tips to break the ice with video marketing. Your brand will benefit from a powerful new connection with your audience.

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