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Marketing Strategy Services

marketing strategy

Create a meaningful, achievable, and measurable strategy to support your organization's goals

Marketing strategies are long-term plans that help your business grow by effectively communicating your business’s value propositions across channels appropriate for your ideal audience. The right marketing plan serves as an engaging roadmap for your prospective and existing clients.

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Improve brand awareness, visibility, and recognition in a crowded marketplace

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Guide prospects through buyer's journey and nurture existing relationships

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Reduce customer churn and improve revenue

The Breezy Hill Approach

Whether you want to expand your market, launch a new product, or revamp your marketing approach, Breezy Hill Marketing is here to help. Our marketing experts will work closely with you to assess all aspects of your current business and develop a custom marketing strategy that aligns with your goals. We evaluate your current mix, identify areas for improvement, and assess the competitive landscape, allowing us to carefully craft a new approach that maximizes your business’ outreach to drive revenue and profitability. Once implemented, we will continually refine our strategy based on your unique business needs and deliver measurable results.

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Marketing Strategy & Planning

Having a precise plan of action that will allow you to reach your desired business, growth, and ROI outcomes is key. We work with you to help you define your marketing goal and use that as the crux of our marketing strategy recommendations. We use these as points of reference as we dive into audience and landscape research and message development. Once our planning is in place, we'll begin further research followed by implementing a number of tactics proven to drive results–like content marketing, SEO, and PPC.

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Target Market Research

Target market research involves broadly identifying and analyzing the pain points, characteristics, and behavior of potential prospects, as well as reviewing the competitive landscape to gain additional insight on how best to position your business. We do this by leveraging primary research–interviewing past and current clients for their insight–and secondary research–reviewing press releases and publications.

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Persona Research & Creation

Persona research and creation dive deeper into your audience by considering specific pain points and business goals of decision-makers (C-suite members, owners, and so on). We review blog posts, business websites, past and present clients, and sales teams to understand what is currently motivating decision-makers in the industry, allowing us to create highly-targeted messaging that does this. With our research completed, we will create a detailed persona matrix so you can easily review the information we've collected and fully understand how we target potential prospects.


Campaign Building

With all the pieces of your strategy in place, we act as an extension of your team and implement your campaign seamlessly. We consider all components of the campaign, like target market, messaging, landing pages, campaign calendars, and so on, and coordinate our efforts across channels to drive optimal outcomes. By taking on the full implementation, we move your campaign forward, filling time and skill gaps so your staff doesn't have to reallocate time and focus to the project.

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Data Analysis & Reporting

Throughout the process, we keep you involved and informed about how your marketing strategy impacts your business goals. We review campaign, conversion, and traffic reports every week to keep you connected with our implementations. Our agile team can refine campaign messaging and other components quickly and effectively based on the results.

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