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Labfinder Case Study

LabFinder partners with Breezy Hill Marketing, achieving growth in brand awareness and sales opportunities through innovative B2B and B2C strategies.


LabFinder, a healthcare technology company offering B2C and B2B solutions to improve patient experience while also improving diagnostic center visibility and workflow, partnered with Breezy Hill Marketing in 2022. LabFinder wanted an innovative way to build B2B and B2C strategies that would align and support each other. To do so, Breezy Hill Marketing implemented an in-depth inbound marketing strategy with the following outcomes in mind:



May – Dec 2022 vs. May – Dec 2021

LinkedIn: 20,320% increase in users; 21,240% increase in sessions

Email: 1154% increase in users; 718% increase in sessions


Email Marketing

Our commitment to thoroughly understanding LabFinder’s audience allowed us to create effective messaging that led to a 1154% increase in email users and drove a 718% session increase between 2021 and 2022. 


Social Marketing

Our targeted messaging positively impacted LinkedIn social media campaigns, leading to a massive 20,320% user increase and a 21,240% increase in sessions during the same period.