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Demand Generation services

Email Marketing Services

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Dynamic practices to build your brand, engage clients, and convert prospects

Email marketing brings your brand directly to your prospects’ and clients’ inboxes in a way that builds relationships and drives sales. Personalized email marketing campaigns properly segmented to reach the right audience at the right time provide a cost-effective and impactful alternative to traditional marketing resources like television, radio, and paper ads.

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Connect directly with your target audience in a personalized manner

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Drive website traffic

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Generate high-quality MQLs

The Breezy Hill Marketing Approach

Email marketing services should build customer relationships while utilizing highly personalized campaigns to drive conversions and sales. That’s why Breezy Hill Marketing offers email list building and management, audience segmentation, and email design and coding. We want to ensure the content of each email resonates with your audience, which is why we A/B test copy, automate email drip campaigns, and review the analytics. With a focus on strategy and creative execution, we deliver your optimized messaging to the right audiences when they are most likely to view it.

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Drip Campaign

An email drip campaign provides an audience list with a series of automated, relevant, and targeted pre-written emails that gradually build interest and engagement. These campaigns can nurture leads, build new relationships, or move prospects down the sales funnel based on personalized messaging and CTAs for a particular target audience. Because drip campaigns are automated, they can save time and resources while providing a consistent and effective way to communicate with audiences.

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Newsletters are a simple but effective way to share important service updates, business news, and product promotions with your subscribers. At Breezy Hill Marketing, we understand the importance of creating engaging newsletters that inform, entertain, and inspire our clients' subscribers. Our approach to newsletter creation involves crafting attention-grabbing subject lines, using eye-catching graphics and visuals, and including compelling calls-to-action that drive conversions.

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Funnel Automation

In funnel automation, businesses automate their email marketing campaigns to move prospects through the sales funnel. Prospects trigger email automation by performing actions like subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a whitepaper. We ensure that the system delivers additional email marketing that educates, engages, and persuades them to take the next step in the buyer's journey, ultimately leading to a conversion.

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Lead Nurturing

Personalized lead nurturing involves providing highly relevant and tailored messages to a target audience through multiple stages of their buyer's journeys. These targeted emails often include recommendations specific to the account and educational resources like whitepapers or webinars. The content provided during the lead nurturing process builds trust and credibility with your leads while educating them about your business, its products or services, and how they can benefit from them, leading to sales funnel optimization.

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