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Account-Based Marketing Services

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“Their commitment to learning about our business and helping us grow is impressive. They are also continually refining programs to maximize our investment.”
- Jim Scaparotti

Grab the attention of high-value accounts and lead them through the sales funnel

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a personalized approach to B2B marketing that targets specific high-value accounts with tailored marketing campaigns. By creating custom content that speaks directly to the needs of target accounts, ABM enables businesses to build stronger relationships and drive more revenue.

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Create stronger relationships with tailored marketing efforts

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Gain a more well-rounded understanding of high-value prospects

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Reduce sales cycles by providing targeted messaging

The Breezy Hill Marketing Approach

Effective account-based marketing is essential to any marketing strategy. We take the time to help you identify the top accounts within your industry and collaborate on omnichannel campaigns designed to engage with these accounts. In doing so, we create cohesive messaging that aligns with your objectives, addresses the needs of your target audience, and ensures higher visibility on the platforms they use most. We leverage proven and effective ABM strategies to create a customized plan that presents business and their services as a high-value solution to top industry pain points.

Our Top Account-Based Marketing Considerations include:

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Account Selection

Our account-based marketing strategy starts by identifying high-value accounts by considering factors such as lifetime value and the likelihood of conversion. We then refine the list after assessing whether or not the original accounts are the right fit for your business or products based on industry, company size, location, and other factors. We also use data and analytics to understand how these accounts have engaged in your brand in the past. This includes website visits, social media activity, and content views to determine if these ideal accounts are actively searching for what your business offers.

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Personalized Content

Once we’ve identified the accounts for your account-based marketing campaign, it’s time to create the content. With in-depth insights from the account selection process, we understand each account's pain points, challenges, and goals. We use this knowledge to develop account-specific messaging that speaks directly to these high-value targets using language that resonates with them. Whenever possible, we include case studies, white papers, and other resources to clearly show how your products or services are the answers to their problems.

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Omnichannel Campaigns

With the content created, we begin implementing it in an omnichannel approach to increase the likelihood of these high-value accounts engaging with your content across multiple touchpoints and channels. By coordinating efforts across the most used channels by each account, we ensure that your messaging is consistent and reinforces the benefits of your offerings.

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Refine Your Efforts

As your ABM campaigns progress, it’s vital to refine your approach. Reviewing the data points for each campaign and each account will give you insight into whether one communication channel is more successful than another, allowing you to put more time and resources into marketing through specific channels. Additionally, collaboration across departments, especially between sales and marketing teams, realigns efforts and makes meeting objectives easier.

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