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Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Services

Strategic CMO Services for Business Growth

A dedicated Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can provide valuable insights for your B2B business, guiding data-driven decisions. We've design our CMO Services to propel your brand along its growth trajectory.

With our services, you can:

Develop and maintain cohesive, well-defined strategies and branding.

Stay ahead of evolving trends and shifting consumer preferences.

Maximize the potential of your marketing channels.

Evaluate your current programs to pinpoint areas for maximum impact.

The Breezy Hill Marketing Approach

When delivering B2B CMO services, we thoroughly analyze market trends and consumer and business buyer behaviors, enabling us to create detailed marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience. These strategies seamlessly align with your broader business objectives, playing a central role in crafting a compelling brand identity, expanding your market reach, nurturing customer relationships, and driving revenue growth.

Fractional CMO:

Opting for fractional CMO services empowers B2B businesses to access high-level marketing leadership on demand. This cost-effective solution optimizes impact while managing resources in areas such as:

Go-to-market, brand, and product positioning strategy.

Marketing plan development, team management, and execution.

Marketing techstack selection and implementation.

KPI development and measurement.

Organization design and recruitment.

Agency RFP process.

Project Work:

Enlisting our CMO services for projects with well-defined scopes ensures precision and responsibility. Our offerings include:

Brand messaging development.

Brand messaging development

Product launches.

Demand generation setup and campaign execution.

Client conference conception and execution (IRL and virtual).

PR announcements.

Website build or redesign (agency selection and management).


Our CMO advisory services provide specific guidance and feedback as needed on an hourly basis. We offer expertise in:

Subject matter expert (SME) guidance for leadership (CEO/CMO) or junior marketing teams.

Marketing strategy development.

Vendor recommendations.

Organization structure recommendations.


Our CMO recruiting services go beyond traditional approaches when seeking to fill role gaps. We help you attract and retain top-tier candidates who align with your company’s values and vision through:

Role design, sourcing, and screening.

Expert guidance on candidates and offers.

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