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Inbound Marketing SErvices

Content Marketing Services

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Build your reputation as a thought leader and provide your prospects with value-driven content

Content marketing is the art of creating meaningful and engaging content that your audience wants to consume and share. Fresh, relevant content that captures your audience’s attention time and time again can make all the difference between growing your business and remaining stagnant.
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High-quality content that positions your company as a valuable, trustworthy resource

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Build your company’s reputation as a thought-leader

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Drive engagement that leads to conversion

The Breezy Hill Approach

Successful content is more than having the right words in the right order. Through a collaborative process, our experienced content creators and strategists work with you to establish your target audience and determine the best practices to reach and engage them. We can create new copy and videos, revamp existing content, and increase website traffic, all while keeping an eye on the associated analytics and reporting to ensure that the content has the desired impact.
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Landing Pages

Creating a great email drip or social media post isn’t just about making great native content. It’s about creating a journey across channels. Landing pages serve as the first touchpoint for potential customers. By pairing landing pages with email and social media efforts, you create consistent messaging and imagery across all content, giving users a cohesive experience. With the option to A/B test content, imagery, and messaging tone, we ensure that you are getting the most out of your website. Our team focuses on developing landing pages that drive conversions. 

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Editorial Calendar

We work with our clients to develop robust and engaging content calendars. A content marketing editorial calendar is a planning tool that helps businesses to organize their content creation and distribution efforts across various channels. It typically includes details such as topics, keywords, types of content, publishing dates, and target audience.

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Blog Posts

Frequent blog posts establish your company's relevant presence on the internet. By consistently creating value-driven content, your audience will keep coming back to you and your website for the latest information. Blog posts provide a platform to share your company’s perspective and are powerful search engine optimization (SEO) tools. Our content team will be there every step of the way to ensure that your posts are actionable with meaningful CTAs that drive positive buyer outcomes. 

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Email Newsletters

Stay top of mind and continue engaging your sphere of influence with email newsletters. Newsletters keep your clients and prospects informed about the latest happenings within your organization or industry by sending newsletters on a schedule that will be most impactful for your audience. Tell them about your most recent accolades, webinars you’ve hosted, or conferences you’ve attended. Newsletters are a simple way to keep everyone tuned in to your business. 

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White papers, Case Studies, and Infographics

Whitepapers, case studies, and infographics are quick, efficient ways to position your product or service as the optimal solution for clients and prospects. White papers, case studies, and infographics are important elements of the buyer's journey and are often leveraged as lead magnets for digital marketing campaigns. 

Our team works with you to understand the big picture of your processes and implementations so we can create short but precise content that effectively communicates why your offerings stand above your competition's services. Ensuring that these resources feature detailed, not readily available information builds their value and compels prospects to reach out during their awareness, while nurturing those already in your sales funnel.

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Video is the here and now of digital marketing. They have the advantage of capturing viewers' attention for a more extended time, which is why we create engaging, dynamic video content unique to your branding and messaging. In the process, we test base messaging and imagery across channels, see what connects with your audience, and optimize your content offering to connect you with your target audience.

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