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Inbound Marketing services

Social Media Marketing Services

Build your reputation as a thought leader and provide your prospects with value-driven content
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Meet prospects and customers on the platforms they use the most

Establishing, managing, and maintaining a thriving social media account takes strategic insight into your audience, optimal keywords, and eye-catching graphics. Consistently posting high-quality content to the platforms that your target audience use the most can:

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Increase your company visibility.

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Build client and prospect confidence to drive conversion.

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Differentiate your company from your competitors.

The Breezy Hill Approach

Breezy Hill Marketing collaborates with our clients and acts as an extension of their team. We work with our clients to review their existing social media plans and formulate a new strategy that aligns their business needs and fits within their budget. Our diversely skilled creative team then takes their knowledge of your branding and messaging guidelines and transforms them into value-driven content, eye-catching graphics, and CTAs that drive results.

We learn to speak your brand’s language, establishing a cohesive voice across your website and social media platforms that invites clients and prospects to engage with your posts.

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Social Media Strategy

There shouldn’t be a one-size-fits all approach to social media strategies, which is why we recommend strategies that reflect your organization’s unique needs. We take into account your ideal personas and apply data-driven methods that help you meet your social media goals. Successful social media strategies drive the outcomes your business wants the most, and should we see that the metrics aren’t reflecting a positive change, our agile team is ready to recommend additional creative solutions and pivot as needed.

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Social Media Advertising

Utilize paid advertising to reach target audiences and generate leads. Sponsored posts, paid social media ads, and influencer marketing allow your business to hyper-target your intended demographic with highly-specific messaging that speak directly to their pain points. At the same time, the campaign can easily be reviewed to see the direct correlation between website traffic and ROI.

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Social Media Management

Increase social engagement across channels and keep them coming back with informed, valuable content. Engagement and conversation are the goals, so we follow clear team-wide social media policies, best practices, and rules of engagement to guide us. We ensure that your brand message and image remain consistent no matter the platform and that the copy is grammatically correct, error-free, and positions your services as the prime solutions to industry pain points.

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Time, effort, and finances have been put into setting up or re-establishing your social media program—but does it have the impact it should? We consistently monitor your social media campaigns to understand whether it’s performing as expected or if it’s time to pivot. Quick to adapt, we understand the changing landscape of social media and how to keep you front and center of your market segment. By providing monthly data-driven reports and check-ins that evaluate performance, we ensure you have a clear picture of your campaign’s ROI and foster discussions regarding alternative strategies (should they be needed).

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Social Media Setup

Consistency is key, so we evaluate your existing social media profiles and provide feedback to keep your brand unified across channels. We create optimized, custom content and graphics for each platform and further shape your messaging to appeal to your ideal persona and increase visibility and website traffic. And, if you are ready to expand your social media presence, we can create and run a company LinkedIn page and manage your LinkedIn Campaign Manager accounts, as well as maintain your Meta Business Suite.

To ensure your accounts are set up to drive your desired results, we help you understand how to best hone in on and to engage your target audience in a noisy space.

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