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ABM Lite

Connect with and convert targeted accounts without straining your budget or resources

Account-Based Marketing Lite (ABM Lite) is a streamlined version of traditional account-based marketing. With ABM Lite, companies can quickly implement omnichannel ABM programs in a more scaled-back yet highly-targeted manner that doesn’t waste time or resources.

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Identify a smaller cluster of high-value accounts

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Allocate resources and budget more efficiently

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Scale to meet business goals and objectives

The Breezy Hill Marketing Approach

ABM Lite has the ability to help feed your top of funnel with qualified leads quickly. Our ABM Lite programs combine comprehensive research, personalized messaging, and automation to create marketing campaigns that speak directly to the challenges facing key decision-makers.

By focusing on a smaller segment of your overall target audience, we drive conversions and make the most out of your available resources. In doing this, we bridge the gap between your marketing and sales teams, aligning goals and delivering qualified sales leads. Our programs are data driven and nimble, responding to the information gleaned from each activity in order to find and engage with prospects who are in the buying cycle.

Our top ABM LITE considerations include:

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Simplified Targeting

We focus on a smaller set of high-value accounts to quickly bring in qualified leads and feed the top of your funnel. We consider which segments of your target audience are most likely to convert in the short term, maximizing our ability to engage with key decision-makers that are actively looking for solutions you offer.

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Focused Messaging

In our ABM Lite programs, just like in traditional ABM, we craft personalized, tailored messaging designed to captivate and engage the specific decision-makers within your target accounts. Our goal is to ensure that every message resonates with your audience and encourages them to interact with your team.

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Resource Efficiency

Our ABM Lite program gives organizations with limited resources the opportunity to increase quality leads without breaking their budget or straining their staff. We adopt a streamlined version of ABM's key principles to attract, engage, and convert your prospects, moving them quickly through their buyer’s journey.

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Measurement and Analytics

Our ABM Lite programs still make the most out of tracking and reporting on your marketing efforts. By leveraging data-driven insights, we help businesses make informed decisions and maximize the impact of their ABM Lite program.

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Sales and Marketing Alignment

ABM Lite programs help keep your marketing and sales teams on the same page.From audience identification to message creation, their successful collaboration drives targeted engagement and meaningful interactions with prospects.

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