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How to Create a Well-Designed Homepage

Your homepage should answer the questions: who you are, what you do, and what actions your visitors can take on your website

Your website’s homepage creates a first impression for your visitors, as it’s often the first page they will land on. You’ll want to seamlessly convey your brand through every aspect of the page, from fonts to photos, to menu structures and calls-to-action.

Having a unique site (with good SEO!) will help your brand stand out, which can be quite difficult with the number of websites on the Internet. With some businesses & individuals choosing to remain remote, having a strong web presence is crucial.

Examples Of Homepages With Great Designs:


This popular rental agency’s homepage features a large image of one of the unique properties listed on their site, a large CTA to view home listings, and a simple menu at the top to guide viewers through the site. The simple design address the needs of the majority of its visitors while remaining uncluttered.

The rest of the homepage links to information that starts out broad and narrows into specific destinations. The content continuously loads when scrolling, which is great for a travel site since it shows other potential destinations for visitors.

The design is photo heavy and features white space for a clean and beautiful display.

Screenshot (92)

Burlington Bagel Bakery

The Burlington-based bagel bakery’s website features an eye-catching hero image of their award-winning everything bagels.

The site’s clear CTA in the top left corner – “Our Locations,” encourages users to find their nearest establishment & stop by for a visit. The storied bakery also proudly displays the fact it has been in business for +40 years – showing expertise & a love for bagels.

In the navigation menu, the cafe provides its menu & a gallery of photos to help customers build up an appetite and help them figure out exactly what they want before they arrive. Additional information on the cafe’s hours & contact information is also available in the well-designed, minimal navigation menu.

The website’s centered design keeps users engaged, and its minimal amount of information inspires users to come in person & see what their cafe has to offer.

Burlington Bagel Baker’s Well-Designed Homepage


Slack is a messaging tool that is becoming increasingly popular to communicate in a professional setting. Their homepage utilizes a lot of white space, which makes the site appear streamlined. This is a great design technique, because businesses want their communication to be easy and effective.

‘Imagine what you’ll accomplish together’ are the main words that draw a visitor’s attention in. It is telling them up front that this is a collaborative communication tool.

Two CTAs are featured on the homepage that read ‘Get Started.’ This guides the viewer towards taking action on the site.

The rest of the page speaks to Slack’s unique features that will help a visitor decide whether or not this is the right tool for them.

Screenshot (97)

What Should You Include In Your Homepage?

  • A design that reflects your brand
  • CTAs to help guide the viewer to action
  • Copy and content that reflects your message
  • A comprehensive menu
  • mobile-friendly version
  • Images that support your brand
  • SEO tools to help drive traffic
  • Basic answers to who you are, what you do, and what can be done on your website
  • A header and footer with contact information and/or social media information

Your business is unique; your homepage and the rest of your website design should reflect that. Showcase what makes you fun, professional, quirky, classic, or whatever makes your brand special!


Editor’s Note: Originally published in 2019, this blog has been updated and edited for content in 2021.

Jeff Hill

Owner / CEO
Jeff is a seasoned operations and analytics expert with a Masters in Healthcare Information Technology and experience in business development, branding, sales and marketing.

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