Inspiration for Great and Effective CTAs

If you’re looking to boost your website’s lead generation, a great way to do this is through calls-to-action or CTAs.

A CTA is a button or anchor text that invites readers to take an action on your website. It can be used to attract new leads, convert leads into customers, or promote an event or special you’re currently running. Here are a few noteworthy CTAs to help inspire your own design.

CTA Examples

Track Cat Fitness, a virtual athletic coaching company, displays their CTA right below their welcome sentence. This prompts visitors to learn more about the product immediately after reading about the company.

The CTA draws your eye in because it is a different color than the background, but it is still cohesive with their branding.

Track Cat Fitness is telling visitors exactly what they’ll be seeing when they click on it, their program comparison chart. This will tell visitors why they should utilize their program over another fitness program.


Blue Apron

blue apron

Blue Apron is a meal kit delivery service, that focuses on how simple it can be to create delicious meals. Their homepage features a primary CTA, “Get Started,” and a secondary CTA, “Sign Up.”

These CTAs pop off the page because they’re the only orange design element. This allows your eye to be drawn in and make you want to click through to start your Blue Apron subscription.

The goal of both CTAs is to increase the number of their meal kit subscribers.


Nine East Network

nine east

Vermont’s preeminent special education consulting agency, Nine East Network, uses a bottom-of-the-page CTA that invites visitors to subscribe to their newsletter.

This is a great way to increase your contact database, gather information from interested website visitors, and increase your newsletter distribution. Not all CTAs have to be flashy. Simple call-to-actions can be just as effective in achieving your goals.

By increasing their newsletter subscribers, Nine East Network will expand their base of clients who view them as a knowledge source and who will be more likely to go to their business for special education consulting.





Pinterest is a social media platform to share ideas with friends and followers. Their homepage has several CTAs that draw your attention and prompt you to take different actions that all lead to you signing up for the social media site.

You can sign up with email, Facebook, Google, or login to your already existing account. They also have a second CTA that prompts you to see how the site works.

This allows every stage of user to get what they need out of this landing page through CTAs, whether you’re trying to learn more or are already an avid user. Pinterest wants to gain more active users to increase ad revenue and expand their name recognition.



CTAs help you turn visitors into customers on your website. They need to be visually attractive, use action-oriented language, and fit cohesively into your brand.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your CTA. It’s meant to draw people in who will engage with your brand however that may be.

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