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Breezy Insights: Marketing and Sales Alignment with ABM

Breezy Hill insights and examples of effective alignment strategies and their results

We often hear about the importance of bringing marketing and sales teams together, but it’s even more important in the context of ABM. With ABM, you’re not casting a wide net but focusing on specific high-value accounts. This means marketing and sales need to work hand in hand to identify, target, and engage these accounts effectively. When marketing and sales teams join forces within an ABM framework, they can build stronger relationships that fuel sustainable growth and drive ROI.

Keep reading to hear from Shannon Briden, Account Manager at Breezy Hill, on aligning marketing and sales to get the most out of ABM.

Account-based marketing is one of the best ways to align marketing and sales teams’ efforts and effectively move leads through the funnel.

Teaming up with one of our client’s sales teams for account-based marketing (ABM) made a huge difference in moving leads through the sales process. We created messages the marketing team could leverage, ensuring that all teams talked to prospects the same way. This helped align our messaging across channels for a more impactful approach. Our collaboration with the sales team was so important; it helped us better uncover our audience’s top priorities to make sure our messaging was on point and engaging to our contacts. In turn, this created more meaningful sales interactions and stronger brand awareness. The sales team’s insider know-how and best marketing practices made it all click.

That inside knowledge from the client’s sales team and their VP of Sales was key in ensuring that everyone was on the same page about the target audience. Our marketing content became more precisely targeted and helped us avoid making any generalizations or assumptions.

The information we gained came directly from the sales representatives’ personal conversations with prospects and other industry professionals, so we were confident that our messaging was on point throughout the entire campaign.

By aligning our efforts with the sales team, we made sure that every interaction with prospects was consistent and purposeful. We used specific language and vocabulary that we knew would lead to higher interactions. For example, when it came to our CTAs, we looked at what would be more effective for our target audience — “learn more” or “explore.” Because we knew our key decision-makers were typically busy, we shifted our messaging to use a “learn more” CTA because it signaled that we valued their time and promised specific insights or information with a clear direction. This adjustment catered to the preferences and behaviors of our audience, improving the overall effectiveness of our CTAs.

Sales used to be solely responsible for content creation. But, through collaboration with marketing, we were able to scale our reach and connect with a broader audience. While sales served as the primary author, marketing played a key role in amplifying the content’s impact and scalability. We were able to move beyond a one-person sales approach without losing a personal touch in our interactions with prospects. Without the support of marketing, the sales team’s outreach would have been extremely limited.

After working with this client, there was a dramatic change in the way marketing and sales worked together. Working hand in hand, we’ve refined messaging, honed targeting strategies, and deepened connections with high-value accounts, leading to stickier and more impactful interactions. Leveraging insights from the sales team, we’ve tailored their approaches to resonate more authentically with their audience, allowing them to form stronger relationships and drive impactful results.

Breezy Hill Marketing experts can help you foster alignment between your teams. Schedule a consultation with us today.

Shannon Briden

Account Manager
Shannon brings her MBA education and design background to find creative, innovative solutions to everyday marketing problems.

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