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Why You Should Partner with A Web Design Agency

2020 brought about major changes to the world, one of them was a rapid acceleration of the digital landscape. McKinsey Global Survey of executives, “their companies have accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions and of their internal operations by three to four years. And the share of digital or digitally enabled products in their portfolios has accelerated by a shocking seven years.” In a world that was rapidly becoming digital, the last year and a half have brought unprecedented changes.

A major aspect of your business, for many the first encounter with it, is your website. Your website is your digital home base, an active part of your business that can reach customers anywhere, at any time of day. Customers that are expecting an optimal user experience and will quickly move on to your competition if they don’t get it. Should you partner with an experienced, web design agency in order to stay competitive? Yes.

Advanced Technical Experience

Each brand is unique, and certain businesses may need a more advanced website to handle their daily activity.

Hiring an agency means you can have a website that is designed and tailored to all your needs, whether that is a custom CMS or a custom design using an open platform such as Hubspot.

If your needs exceed what a basic website can provide, you’ll want an expert to build your dream site that can grow with your business.

Expert optimization also means greater visibility. Hiring an agency to manage your SEO ensures every part of your site is customized to deliver the best results.

As technology evolves, an agency will also keep up with new trends and regulations. Having an agency regulate your site to comply with changing restrictions, like Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the recent General Data Protection Regulation, means you can focus more time on managing your business.

Optimized Content

According to the Hubspot, “content creation is a top priority for 53% of marketers. Moreover, on average, content marketing accounts for 29% of B2B marketing budgets.”

professional web designer can craft a site that will engage with your visitors and lead them on a path to conversion. Using pillar pages and other strategies for content management, your site will be optimized to attract traffic and reduce bounce rates, and overall increase the value of your site.

Content marketers are also experienced in creating custom content tailored to your target audience. For small businesses looking to start sharing content or expand their media, agents can manage every aspect of content marketing.

Having an agent write blogs, take original photos, create graphics, and overall curate content that speaks to your brand will strengthen your online presence and solidify a cohesive brand identity.

Strategy for Growth

Ultimately you want an agency that wants to see your business succeed.

Agents not only know how to change your marketing campaigns but also how to analyze the data you get from your website and use it to grow your business. Collecting and reviewing analytics with an agent allows you to see just how impactful your strategy is and gain professional insight into how to use this data.

Your brand will continue to evolve and you need a website that can keep up. An agency can manage your site to keep everything up-to-date, giving an authentic impression to visitors every time.

If your website is an important aspect of your business strategy, you need a site that delivers results. Having an agency optimize your website means getting the professional and expert work you need without hiring new employees, which will ultimately save you time and money. Your website is worth the investment!

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Editor’s Note: Originally published in 2019, this article was edited and optimized for content in 2021.

Laura Hill

CMO | Co-Founder
With over twenty years experience in sales and marketing, Laura Hill is an accomplished marketing and business development strategist.

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