Can You Think Of One Reason Not To Have Your Professional Service Business Attracting Leads On Facebook?

Whether your business is established and thriving or in the startup phase, a Facebook presence will only enhance your visibility in your industry and within your geographic community.

An active and robust professional service business on Facebook shares your business’ best assets with customers in the primary space where they are living their online lives.

Your business page is also the key to unlocking Facebook’s powerful, targeted advertising opportunities.

Let’s look at the most compelling reasons your business should be part of this enduring social medium.

Facebook Ads

With more than 1.5 billion active users, Facebook provides the most potential reach of any social network.

Using Facebook for professional service businesses allows you to advertise on the
platform. Set up a Business Manager page first, as you won’t be able to advertise your business from your personal profile.

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The real power of advertising on Facebook is your ability to target your audience by age, location, interest and purchasing habits.

You only pay to reach people you think will be interested in your professional services.

Once your Facebook ad is live, you are able to monitor its effectiveness in real time. You’ll see who is responding to your calls to action and which age and interest groups are engaging with your imagery, videography, links and text.

You can then double-down on the most engaged people and most compelling content in future Facebook ad campaigns.

Post Notes

As people migrate to their mobile devices for social media check-ins, Facebook’s hold on people’s attention has only grown. The company boasts nearly 1 billion daily mobile users worldwide.

Your business Facebook page is your baseline offering to all these users. It will initiate new interactions with interested people and entice them to click through to your webpage and offers.

Are Your Professional Service Facebook Page Posts Stalled? Take A Look At Our Tips For Keeping Your Campaign Going For Advice On How To Stay On A Roll.

Each post from your page is an opportunity to share imagery and copy that tells your story to potential and existing customers.

Regular posting keeps your business at the top-of-mind of your customers and keeps them in the loop with what you are up to.

Distributing original content from your website or sharing interesting stories from other industry leaders gives your business subject-matter authority and provides added value to people connected to your business on Facebook.

But even as your following grows, we advise an occasional boosted post to expand your reach.

What Is A Boosted Post?

Boosted posts are a form of advertising on Facebook that is more nimble and less expensive than a traditional Facebook ad. You will find that, as you post your business’ status updates, some will garner more engagement organically than others.

When you hit on a hot post, give it a paid boost to a larger audience to capitalize on it.

Regular posts will only reach a small percentage of the people who like your business’ Facebook page.

Boosting your post will not only bring it to a larger part of your current audience. It will extend its reach to their friends or to a new audience that you tailor by age, location, interests and purchasing behaviors.


The format that your Facebook advertisements and status updates take is up to you. Facebook gives you a variety of options to present your business in its best light.

Do you have eye-catching photographs of your business in action? Are there videos of you and your employees doing great work? Is there a particular industry issue you have written about?

With Our Social Media Marketing Services You Receive Create A Clear Strategy And Get Results.

You can create posts and advertisements using all of these formats, and even mix and match in the same post or ad.

It takes consistent, relevant posting to keep Facebook working for your professional services business but it is definitely worth the time and effort.

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