Open Tempo


OpenTempo, a leading innovator of physician scheduling and clinical labor analytics, had begun a Hubspot implementation with another company but wanted to implement an overall marketing strategy in order to maximize the capabilities of the platform.

The ultimate goal; to increase inbound lead generation as well as the quality of inbound leads.

Along with increasing qualified leads, OpenTempo sought to optimize its existing Hubspot website. They recognized that their website is an integral part of a successful marketing program and therefore needed to make improvements and additions to continuously improve their inbound program.


Breezy Hill Marketing worked closely with Open Tempo to identify their target audience and define messaging. We then worked with them to create branded inbound marketing materials and content such as blogs, CTAs, and landing pages meant to connect with and convert prospects.

We also implemented a pay per click program with the goal of increasing lead production for the sales team.

We continue to consult with OpenTempo regarding inbound and marketing strategy and optimal use of the Hubspot platform to attract and convert customers.


January 2019 v. December 2018

• Organic website traffic:increase of 48%
• Pay-per-click traffic:increase of 12%
• Social media traffic:increase of 63%
• Marketing generated leads:increase of over 100%