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Website Users

+ 86.72%

LinkedIn Sessions

+ 1,713%

Session Traffic Growth

+ 68.23%

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We have a very good working relationship with Breezy Hill management and staff. They are responsive, give detailed reporting and care about the performance of our programs.

JMS Elite Case Study

JMS Elite collaborates with Breezy Hill Marketing to drive growth in brand recognition, website traffic, and high-quality leads through strategic SEO optimization and targeted social media campaigns.


JMS Elite, a top-tier B2B lead generation firm, began working with Breezy Hill Marketing in 2014. Prior to the partnership, JMS Elite relied on word-of-mouth and referrals to grow their leads. With the understanding that increasing their online presence and optimizing their website would drive more beneficial outcomes, they turned to Breezy Hill Marketing to reach the following goals: 


The Results

2022 vs 2020

Total: 86.72% increase in users; 68.23% increase in sessions Direct: 9.05% increase in users LinkedIn: 1,851% increase in users; 1,713% increase in sessions


Website Analytics

With the help of our in-depth marketing plan, JMS Elite saw a total increase of 86.72% in users and 68.23% in sessions between 2020 and 2022.  JMS Elite’s direct traffic saw a user increase by 9.05%.


Social Media Marketing

Regarding our social media campaigns, LinkedIn had a 1,851% increase in users and 1,713% increase in sessions.