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PatientBond Case Study

PatientBond and Breezy Hill Marketing join forces, leveraging targeted campaigns, workflow programming, and optimized content to enhance brand visibility and engagement.


PatientBond, a patient engagement focused healthcare technology company recently acquired by Upfront Health, partnered with Breezy Hill Marketing in 2021. With limited marketing resources available and a desire to grow brand awareness and visibility to urgent cares and beyond, PatientBond sought out a strategic, collaborative partnership with us to accomplish the following outcomes: 



Feb – Aug 2022 vs. Feb – Aug 2021

Overall: 19.46% increase in users; 19.85% increase in sessions; 27.5% increase in goal completions

Direct: 27.34% increase in users; 37.32% increase in sessions; 37.32% increase in goal completions

LinkedIn: 5,505% increase in users; 6,024% increase in sessions


Website Analytics

Our collaborative efforts with PatientBond led to overall increases in users (19.46%), sessions (19.85%), and goal completions (27.5%).

PatientBond’s direct traffic had a user increase of 27.34%, a session increase of 37.32%, and a goal completion increase of 37.32%.


Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn campaigns saw a 5,505% increase in users and a 6,024% increase in sessions due to our carefully curated ads and detailed reporting.