Local search engine optimization (SEO) can help a business stand out in search results from mobile searches that have local intent.

Here’s what you should know about local SEO for mobile in order to draw local traffic to your website and, ultimately, to your business.

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1. Make Your Site Relevant

The majority of web traffic now stems from mobile devices. Over 52% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, and 40% of mobile searches are made with local intent.

Google ranks search results based on many factors, but an important one to note is relevance.

Maintaining an updated Google My Business profile can keep your site relevant in mobile search results by improving your local SEO status. Select an appropriate category that is relevant to your business, include a detailed description, and fill out accurate and consistent contact information (known as NAP — name, address, phone number). This type of information is displayed in Google search results. It is important to keep your info up-to-date so customers can easily find your business.

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2. Show Users Where You Are

According to Google, 66% of smartphone users are likely to purchase from companies that customize online information to a user’s location.

Making your location available to users is a key to showing up in local search results. The closer a business is to the searcher, the more likely it is to show up in results.

An effective way to increase the likelihood of ranking in local search results is to create a location-based page on your website. Identify a key phrase based on your location to include n the page content, as well as to include in the page title, headings, page copy, meta description and image file names. Add your contact information and address to the page, and include the phrase in the page’s web address.

Example: www.breezyhillmarketing.com/blog/vermont-web-design

This page on our website is about our web design services. The page includes the phrase “Vermont Web Design” in its content, as well as in the page title, headings, meta description, and in several image file names. Contact information is included at the bottom of the page. This makes the page likely to show up as a result for searches relating to Vermont web design.

These location-based pages can be linked to your Google My Business profile.

3. Make Your Business Stand Out

Make your business prominent and stand out from the rest by adding images and reviews to your Google My Business profile. Quality photos taken by either yourself or a professional can make your business look good and will draw customers to it both online and in person.

Including customer reviews in your profile can answer questions that potential prospects might have. It also allows you to showcase positive customer experiences, display your impeccable customer service, and show that your business is trustworthy.

Maintaining a positive reputation for your business online can have a huge effect on how much traffic your business sees.

Your website will see an increase in traffic if it is optimized for local SEO and tailored to rank in mobile location-based searches. In turn, your business storefront will be easy for customers to find and visit in person.

Customers will be able to find what they are looking for, and you will see an increase in how many people find you!


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