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Why Transparency is Crucial for Outsourced Healthcare Marketing

As a digital agency that specializes in outsourced healthcare marketing, we’ve learned that transparency within an organization can have a huge impact on the overall success of an organization’s marketing efforts. If you are struggling to find new ways to optimize operations across your organization, transparency, and understanding how all of the aspects of your marketing and website work together, could be the key. 

Transparency within a Marketing Agency

Businesses of all sizes benefit from collaboration. Whether you run a small in-house marketing team or manage clients across the globe, transparency throughout the operation will improve communication and productivity.

Even when you are working within one organization, certain operations and departments can become disconnected; siloing your operation will do nothing but disconnect your organization as a whole. From daily tasks to the company vision, the disconnect between essential elements of your organization will impede progress.

When a company outsources marketing, there is a greater risk of a disconnect occurring, but professional marketing agencies know how to run things from afar without shutting anyone out. 

Transparency for Brand Identity

Your brand identity is how the world views your company; it is the unique qualities you deliver to your customers and what makes you stand out in your industry. It helps cement the core values of your organization that will become the foundation for your brand. 

These core values are the mission of your company and the promise you bring to your consumers and employees. 

A transparent organization is more likely to succeed because everyone is on the same page; when everyone is working towards the same overarching goals, you will meet your benchmarks faster and maintain a solid brand identity. This codependent relationship between departments only becomes more influential when outsourcing marketing. 

Transparency for Operations

Just like a disconnect between departments can harm your identity, it can also create roadblocks in your daily operations. 

In 2021, every business needs a website. A company’s website often becomes the face of that company and is the first impression many people will get of the brand; search engines are the number one way internet consumers discover new brands, meaning every company can depend on a website to drive leads and engage customers. 

Some organizations consider the company website to be an IT department’s responsibility; this can become a huge roadblock for marketers if only one department has exclusive access to the site. The marketing department doesn’t necessarily have to have full access to the company website, but it is important that whoever does have the authority to make changes understands that a website is a marketing and sales tool. 

This understanding helps the entire organization view the website as a dynamic and vital tool and helps marketers gain the access they need to make quick updates, add content, and tweak branding. 

When so much influence comes from your website, you want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward; a well-designed, attractive, and navigable website will tell viewers that you are a credible and dependable business regardless of your industry. 

Outsourcing Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare companies looking to outsource should look for a marketing agency that not only understands the complexities of the healthcare industry but understands how important it is to have a clear picture of how the many arms of your organization can work together to amplify all of your marketing efforts.  They, in turn, should provide you with a clear picture of how their strategy will utilize all of your available resources to work together and support each other.

When looking to outsource marketing, it is important to vet your options to make sure you find an agency that can provide you with solutions tailored to your needs

  • Communication: keeping an open line of communication between client and marketer ensures that the agency is still working towards your overarching goals and are delivering on their promises. An outsourced company should meet monthly at a minimum to review inbound efforts with the client. 
  • Reporting: a major aspect of this communication and transparency is delivering results; an outsourced team should provide clear and concise reporting so you can review the performance and impact of all elements of your marketing strategy. Some elements to review include- digital advertising, website SEO, page performance, keyword performance, content creation, and social media engagement. 
  • Expertise: by outsourcing to a reputable marketing agency, you are investing in a team of experienced professionals to provide insight and optimize all facets of your inbound and digital marketing program. 

As an outsourced marketing agency, we’ve worked with many clients to optimize and increase their marketing programs. We find that most often the first step is to evaluate existing efforts and resources and gather them together to create a cohesive strategy. By leveraging all of your assets you create a marketing plan that requires less work (use what you have!) and can produce a greater ROI. 

Whether in-house or outsourced, understanding and having access to all of your marketing assets and achieving transparency will maximize your efforts and increase opportunity.

Laura Hill

Owner / CSO
With over twenty years experience in sales and marketing, Laura Hill is an accomplished marketing and business development strategist.

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