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How Outsourcing Marketing Can Help Tech Companies Break into New Markets

Outsourcing marketing to an agency can help facilitate and sustain this online presence while thinking strategically about your audience, message, and budget.

In the tech industry, establishing your brand and becoming a trusted resource can be challenging. Growing trust requires establishing your brand identity and staying top-of-mind as an innovator in your industry. Selecting the right platforms, and staying competitive on them, can feel like an around-the-clock effort. 

How Outsourcing Marketing Can Help Break into New Markets

1. Website

Your company’s website is often the first impression stakeholders have of your business, making its form and accessibility crucial for your organization’s success. Investors, customers, and prospective employees will research your firm before engaging with it, making your website the initial point of contact. Finding a balance for your site’s design to make it simple, yet memorable can be challenging for many technology companies. Ultimately the goal of your website is to convert users into customers, to do so your design needs to be user-centric & present your brand’s value in a consumable and accessible manner. Secondary to user experience, your organization needs to consider the website’s technical functionality, and how it compares with competitors’. 

2. SEO

Your website’s design means very little without forethought about how it will be presented on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs.) BrightEdge, a leader in SEO research, published a study that analyzed online user behavior to accentuate the importance of an intelligent SEO strategy. The report found that 68% of online experiences are initiated with a search engine. For an industry as competitive as the technology sector, visibility on SERPs is only possible through an ongoing SEO process. An experienced agency can help your site crawl to the top of SERPs with an intelligent website design & helpful content. 

3. Blog

An important part of your organization’s SEO strategy is publishing content on your company blog. Your company’s blog is a platform to publish content that is innovative and demonstrative of your organization’s expertise in your industry or niche. Content on your blog will then double as content for social media, in turn driving traffic to your website and creating conversions. A blog’s power to create business relies on your organization’s ability to convey its combined knowledge on a particular topic and present it to an audience. Outsourcing your blogging efforts to an agency with experience in your industry can help streamline content creation & generate value to users. 

4. Social Media

Leveraging social media to communicate your brand’s value can be an effective strategy if posts are consistent with on-brand visuals, voice, and messaging. In addition, your social media campaign delivers value to consumers by delivering useful information with each post. Within your organization, subject matter experts should be involved with creating innovative content, to establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry. Through consistent content & valuable information, users’ trust in your brand will grow and your brand will establish its online community. 

Developing an online community can take considerable time and effort. However, once it’s solidified, that digital community could be a strong asset to your organization and help boost your business. Outsourcing these efforts can catalyze your growth.

5. Digital Advertising

Without an in-house digital advertising team to determine an ad and PPC strategy, your organization could be paying money to present your brand to individuals outside of your target market. Digital advertising requires a strategy – based on your organization’s needs, goals, and industry. In addition, the strategy also needs transparency and reporting, so it can be dynamic and you can be informed about what’s working and what’s not. Selecting an agency for this function requires thorough vetting in order to trust an organization to cultivate a digital reputation for your brand. 

6. Technology Expertise

Outsourcing your digital marketing can bring new knowledge and industry expertise into your organization. Many marketing agencies, and marketers, have chosen specific industries to market. These agencies understand your market, industry terms, sales cycle – and what can affect it. These agencies stay up to date with their particular industry, even if it’s a quickly evolving one, such as technology. 

Partnering with an agency and outsourcing your digital marketing can give you a scalable team of marketers with years of experience in your industry. The tech industry is as complex as it can be fruitful, you need your brand to stand out and the way to do that is with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. 

Communicating your product or service’s value as a technology company is challenging. The digital space around your organization’s offering is most likely crowded & noisy, an experienced digital marketing agency can help breakthrough and reach valuable contacts. If your organization is finding success in some aspects of your digital marketing function but struggling in others, an agency offers scalable solutions. Contact Breezy Hill Marketing and determine how we can help your business succeed. 

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Crystal Buessing

VP of Digital Strategy
Crystal uses her 12+ years of marketing experience to lead diverse teams and execute highly-personalized marketing strategies.

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