No Matter How Passionate, Skilled, And Knowledgeable You Are As The Leader Of A Marketing Department, Sometimes It Takes A Fresh Look From Outside Marketers To Take Your Company’s Marketing To A New Level.

Knowing when to ask for help is an important professional skill. But how do you know if it’s time to avail yourself of the services that an independent marketing agency can provide?

You know your company’s products and services better than anyone. But a marketing agency that is focused on the cutting edge of digital marketing and social media marketing, where the opportunities evolve quickly, can be a valuable asset not only in the short term, but also to help build capacity within your department for the future.

Consider these three signals that your marketing department needs to outsource:

3 Signs Your Marketing Department Needs to Outsource

1. Your Department Lacks Bandwidth For New Initiatives

Perhaps you’ve researched the way inbound marketing attracts and nurtures business leads and you are interested in developing a program. But you look around the office at your hard-working staff and can’t imagine who could take on the task.

Inbound marketing takes a consistent effort over a long period of time to pay off in increased lead generation and conversions. Because of its time-intensiveness, it’s a perfect function for a dedicated independent agency to tackle.

When you outsource inbound marketing, you’ll gain a staff that can craft an overall content strategy by looking at your target audience, keyword research, and call-to-action/landing page infrastructure to deliver a program that maximizes your ROI.


2. You Want To Expand Your Social Footprint

It’s really hard to be simultaneously active on all the social media channels of the day, and we advise picking only the ones that are most aligned with your brand.

But if you’ve had success with Facebook, for example, and are ready to delve into LinkedIn, you may benefit from an agency with a strong social media marketing portfolio that can take your business to the new platform with an understanding of its unique norms and conventions.

A dedicated social media marketing team will also make sure no social comment on your profiles sits without a response.


3. You Are Looking To Get More From Your Email Marketing

Your email list is a trove of prospective customers, repeat customers, and dormant leads. You know you should be sending emails that are highly relevant to each category, but you’ve settled for indiscriminate blasts.

A marketing agency can not only take the time to graphically design visually stunning emails, but also segment your email list so that content and calls-to-action can be tailored to each type of contact

There are myriad segmenting options available through email marketing software like MailChimp and Constant Contact. Having a marketing crew dedicated to sending emails that speak directly to each segment of your list will help you make the most of this valuable asset.


Bringing in an independent marketing agency can bolster your marketing program and build long-term capacity for your in-house team. Consider these signals to stay alert to the fact that the time may be right to take advantage of outside help.


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