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HubSpot and ABM: A Winning Combination

Enhance ABM practicing through HubSpot

When it comes to marketing, the goal is to bring in a steady stream of viable leads, and one of the best strategies for doing so is Account-Based Marketing (ABM). In recent years, this personalized approach has gained popularity. It allows companies to narrow their marketing efforts to target accounts, ultimately boosting engagement and conversion rates. And when it comes to executing ABM strategies, HubSpot can make all the difference.

Let’s take a closer look at a conversation that sheds light on how HubSpot enables the creation of customized email sequences, lead scoring, reporting insights, and automation features and facilitates seamless collaboration between sales and marketing teams within an ABM framework.

Create Customized Email Sequences

HubSpot enables marketing teams to create customized email sequences tailored to specific target accounts and ABM campaigns based on specific criteria. It could be standard criteria like company size or location, or it could be more specific and custom to the industry that you’re targeting. For example, if you’re targeting restaurants, it’s possible to have one set of content go out to Italian restaurants and another to barbecue restaurants.

Instead of sending out generic, one-size-fits-all emails, it’s easy to create custom, personalized messaging that makes each recipient feel like they’re getting an email crafted just for them. With HubSpot’s dynamic fields, it’s simple to include a recipient name or a business name. So whether you’re reaching out to one person or a thousand, you can deliver messages that resonate on a personal level, which can drive higher engagement.

Utilize Lead Scoring

HubSpot’s lead scoring capabilities often fly under the radar despite the impact it can make within ABM campaigns. Lead scoring offers a straightforward way to evaluate leads based on their interactions. Whether you’re looking at email opens, ad engagements, or form submissions, each action earns points that provide insights into a lead’s readiness and interest levels. It allows marketers to quickly see which leads have the highest potential for conversion and prioritize those efforts.

The flexibility of HubSpot’s lead scoring system also allows you to customize the scoring criteria to match specific qualification standards and campaign objectives. As leads gather scores that show how ready they are to buy, marketers can segment them into groups and reach out to them in ways that make the most sense, optimizing resource allocation and making their ABM strategies even more effective. Plus, the ability to refine scoring parameters over time helps marketers ensure that they are reactive to market changes and audience needs.

Customize Your Dashboard

You have the flexibility to analyze metrics at individual contact and overall campaign levels, allowing you to gauge the impact of your efforts. HubSpot offers a wide array of reports tailored to your needs. You can easily customize your dashboard to gather all the relevant metrics, making it simple to digest and understand the data.

HubSpot also provides a comprehensive set of engagement metrics to help you build insightful dashboards effortlessly. With these metrics, marketers can gain valuable insights into various aspects of their campaigns, including customer interactions, content performance, and conversion rates. Overall, the reporting dashboard is user-friendly and empowers you to track and optimize your campaigns easily.

Align Marketing and Sales Alignment using HubSpot

“I think the biggest bottleneck for sales and marketing teams is that they’re often using different tools.”
-Erin Burns, HubSpot Specialist

Communication bottlenecks can cause costs ranging from data loss to lags in data syncs across teams. Not having everyone aligned can result in overloading leads with communications or overlooking valuable interactions, leading to missed opportunities.

What we like best is that HubSpot is a unifying data platform. All of your customer data, prospect data, marketing and sales data can easily be stored in one spot, making it easy for multiple teams to access it. This helps to enhance communication between teams. For example, if marketing is talking to a lead and sales takes over with a scheduled call, automation can make sure everything runs smoothly. Once a meeting is scheduled or sales creates a deal for this lead, they can automatically drop out of marketing email communications. This prevents overwhelming the lead with too many messages and ensures a smoother transition between marketing and sales interactions.

HubSpot plays a vital role in executing ABM strategies. With its user-friendly features like customized email sequences and insightful lead scoring, HubSpot helps marketers effortlessly tailor their outreach efforts to high-potential prospects while fostering collaboration between marketing and sales teams.

Shannon Briden

Account Manager
Shannon brings her MBA education and design background to find creative, innovative solutions to everyday marketing problems.

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