HubSpot is an Inbound marketing and sales platform that offers tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics, and search engine optimization. It also offers training and certification courses to keep industry professionals up-to-date on the latest and greatest innovations within sales and marketing.

HubSpot has updated their Inbound Certification course for 2018, and there is one updated concept that stood out to us the most: the flywheel.

The integration of the flywheel is a significant change within Inbound marketing, and anyone who has learned about Inbound before would benefit from looking into it. Here’s why.


Anatomy Of The Flywheel


This is Hubspot’s Flywheel. This new concept of visualizing Inbound Marketing efforts is quite a change from the familiar and traditional sales funnel; it is an important update that is energy-efficient and leaves room for customer growth.

The flywheel is designed with the customer at the center to focus all efforts on serving the customer, building trust, and allowing satisfied customers to remain a part of the flywheel after they have reached the delight stage by becoming promoters of your company.


Flywheel Vs Funnel

The traditional marketing funnel is a linear method of measuring growth, and any energy spent on creating new customers is lost when they reach the bottom of the funnel.

The flywheel is energy-efficient. It retains momentum and leverages additional energy put in. Customers feed the growth of the flywheel by remaining in the flywheel’s center.

The flywheel also has no end, meaning the energy invested in converting prospects into customers will remain in the flywheel and add to the overall energy within the wheel.


Customers are important not only as consumers but also as promoters and reviewers. The flywheel keeps customers at the core of your efforts as you attract, engage, and delight, and works to keep the momentum going long after.

Happy customers become promoters for your business. Focusing on customers and placing them at the center of your efforts means they will ideally engage with your company, leave positive reviews and suggest your products and services to potential customers.

The integration of HubSpot’s Flywheel into the recently updated Inbound training is an interesting and exciting development to Inbound methodology.

Learning about the flywheel is definitely worth the time as it has changed the focus of Inbound and puts the customer at the center of all we do.


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