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Using Video for B2B Healthcare Tech Marketing

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Why Is Video Important for B2B Healthcare Tech Marketing?

Video has been a popular content medium for some time now, and it’s only continuing to grow. More people are interacting with video than ever before, and there are seemingly endless streams of content being uploaded on a daily basis. If properly utilized, video content can be a valuable addition to your digital marketing strategy.

Video provides an opportunity to expose your brand to your desired audience in a variety of effective ways. Videos amass significant levels of engagement, motivate click-throughs and shares, drive sales, and ultimately help you achieve your bottom line.

What makes video so effective for B2B healthcare, and what can you gain by adding it to your marketing strategy?

5 Reasons Why Video is an Effective B2B Marketing Tool:

1. Everyone is watching video

Video is now ubiquitous in the online world, and its presence is only growing. Video marketing has grown steadily in popularity among all types of business, with 61% using video marketing in 2016 compared to 86% in 2021

If you’re not utilizing video, you’re missing out on a large portion of your customer base, because everyone is watching. According to Google, “over 90% of people surveyed around the world say they discover new brands or products on YouTube,” and with YouTube being the preferred digital video platform of 90% of US internet users, you want to take advantage of what video marketing has to offer!

Even executives are watching videos online. According to a study from Forbes, over 80% of senior executives said they are watching more online video today than they were a year ago, and 75% of executives surveyed said they watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly. With video’s online presence growing each year, these numbers are likely to rise even higher in the next decade.

2. Videos have high recall rates

Viewers who consume video also have a higher rate of recall compared to those who view “static” content. Studies have shown that people only remember 10% of information they hear, 20% of information they read, and 80% of information that is presented visually.  

Even if someone does not act upon your call-to-action immediately after watching your video, they will remember your brand and product and may act on it later.

3. There’s a growing demand for video

Not only do consumers pay more attention to video content, but they also want to see more of it. There is a clear and growing demand for video from online users. A HubSpot survey conducted in 2018 showed that “54% of consumers wanted to see more video content from a brand or business they support.” 

Creating content that your viewers want to see is a cornerstone to maintaining an effective and thriving social media presence. Sharing these videos on your social pages will provide viewers with the valuable content they hope to gain by following you; this content helps to cement your brand identity in the minds of consumers so your brand is front of mind when looking for products or services. 

4. Video drives leads

Recall and education aren’t all that video offers, though. According to Optinmonster, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.

How? High-quality educational videos make it easy for consumers to understand your product or service, and shows that your company believes in your product enough to put the effort in to educate consumers about it. Video can inspire your audience by helping them understand their problem and connecting them with the solution you have to offer.

5. Importance of video in the B2B health tech space

Video can be especially effective for connecting with decision makers in the B2B healthcare market. Video offers the opportunity to engage your audience, educate viewers, and motivate them to pursue your product or service- without having to read lengthy articles or explanations.

The complexity and specificity of many B2B healthcare tech products and services lend themselves to this particular vertical. You can provide extensive, in-depth information in a quick, convenient, and engaging medium- only 20% of online users will completely read a piece of written content, but 80% will watch a video. Video provides your audience the opportunity to connect their problems with your company’s solutions and to understand how your products or services can help. 

Get Started Using Video For B2B Healthcare Tech Marketing

Know Your Audience’s Needs

Consider where your customers are in the buyer’s journey when developing video content for B2B marketing- different stages of the journey require different types of attention. 

Tailoring videos to each individual stage will ensure the right message is reaching that particular consumer at the right moment, to help guide them wherever they are in their buyer’s journey.

Choose the Right Video Editing Program

Creating videos using video editing software doesn’t have to be expensive. There are resources online that offer solutions for creating simple videos that look professional but are easy to use and affordable to develop.

Professional video editing software, like Adobe Premiere, requires a bit more effort and expertise to use, but can be worth it if you’re already familiar with the program. For many B2B video needs, a very basic software will suffice. We recommend waiting to invest in more expensive in-house editing tools until you’ve had some experience. 

Free or inexpensive editing software is a cost-effective way to experiment with what types of videos work before committing to an outsourced team or expensive video editing software.

Get Views

As always, be sure to use video on the appropriate platforms and optimize for each platform. Every company has different target audiences, so make sure your videos are shown on the right platforms to reach your prospects. Most social media platforms support video in both ads and organic posts, but spec requirements vary by length, size, and file format.

LinkedIn is the most popular social platform for B2B marketing. Facebook and Instagram are popular video platforms, however, for specialized B2B services, LinkedIn may be more effective in connecting you with decision makers and leaders in the healthcare industry.

Building a YouTube channel or running video ads on YouTube is another popular option. Though most platforms support direct video uploads, a YouTube link will allow you to share or embed your video nearly anywhere on the internet. And with so many people watching YouTube, advertising on YouTube videos could be a great investment for reaching your target market. 

Types Of Videos To Use For B2B Tech Marketing

Create videos that share your brand’s story

When people can understand and relate to a company, they are more likely to trust your brand and use your products or services. Social media gives you the unique opportunity to engage with your audience on a more personal, human level. Here you can share behind the scenes content and get creative in how you share the story of your company.

B2B content doesn’t have to be all business all the time; share the story of the people behind your brand to connect with viewers more personally.

Create educational videos about your products and services

Explain what your organization does, what issues your products and services address, and why they are a good solution for your customer. This can be done through animations, live-action tutorials, product examples and unboxings, case studies, question and answer sessions… the list goes on! No matter your organization’s needs, there are a variety of choices to fit your product or service.

Create videos of your products in use

Demonstrating your product in action shows how it can be used, what problems it solves, and how it can make customers’ lives easier. Seeing a demonstration or how-to for your product also allows middle-of-the-funnel customers to envision themselves using your product and decide whether it fits their individual needs.

Develop testimonial videos

People can’t help but listen when customers rave about products or services, as long as the compliments are genuine. Prospects are more likely to trust your company and show greater interest in your offerings if they see that it has worked for someone in a similar situation and has been positively reviewed. Testimonial videos can be lengthy case studies and client story videos, or as simple as a satisfied customer giving a 30 second testimonial for the camera.

Leveraging video could take your digital marketing to the next level and boost the success of your business. There are endless possibilities and opportunities to be creative, connect with your audience, and promote your products through video. The only question left is: what are you waiting for? Time to get rolling!

Editor’s note: This blog was originally published in August 2020 and has been edited and updated in November 2021.

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