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3 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your B2B Healthtech Content

Content marketing, now a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies, plays a key role in shaping brand narratives and fostering meaningful connections in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

Content marketing proves its worth by educating your leads and prospects about your products and services, fostering increased loyalty through relationship-building, and showcasing how your offerings address their challenges. As HubSpot notes, it goes beyond just boosting conversions; it creates a sense of community around your brand, reflecting your values and resonating with your audience.

Healthtech industry leaders, in particular, have embraced content marketing for the valuable information it can share with readers and the value it returns to their brands.

Why Content Matters

In the digital age, both B2B and B2C consumers wield greater decision-making power, expecting more from businesses. They actively seek relevant and educational content to inform their choices when considering partnerships or purchases.

As an art, content marketing involves crafting compelling content that captivates your audience, positioning your company as a trusted resource. It goes beyond words, focusing on delivering consistent, high-quality content to establish your reputation as a thought leader. This strategic approach fosters engagement and propels conversions, significantly influencing business growth.

Success in content marketing hinges on creating fresh, relevant content that your audience eagerly consumes and shares. To maximize impact, always keep your target audience in mind, creating opportunities for engaging with a larger, more relevant audience. By understanding their needs, you’ll be better equipped to deliver content that resonates with and interests your ideal buyer.

3 Tips For Leveraging Content

1. Research, Research, Research

Changes happen fast in the healthtech world, and staying on top of those industry advances is essential. Doing so keeps your content relevant, showcasing your company’s expertise, and that you know what’s happening in the industry.

Depending on your specialty, you may offer content such as how-to guides, help documents, FAQs, product reviews, or other forms of content that will provide pertinent and valuable information to your audience.

Just like technology builds off existing concepts, devices, and programs, you can easily update your older content to function as new and relevant content. Sharing insider tips, shortcuts, strategies, and other helpful inside information to provide valuable content to current clients while attracting new leads.

2. Get Creative
Content marketing provides the opportunity to revitalize your content creatively. Transforming an infographic into a video, animation, or gif allows for original and engaging ways to share valuable information.

Creative, original content encourages followers to share your content on social media. Re-sharing of this content expands your influence, fosters connections, and solidifies your organization’s expertise and online presence.

Once you’ve curated a solid collection of content, you may want to consider creating pillar pages for your website. Pillar pages organize your content in a way that helps users find new and relevant information while improving your SEO results. Pillar pages are focused on a specific topic, which improves your chances of appearing in a search result.

If used correctly, high-quality content will inform and attract leads and increase your website’s ranking and authority.

3. Keep it Evergreen

The easiest way to guarantee a consistent selection of useful content is to keep it “evergreen”. Evergreen content focuses on topics that are always useful to your audience. Due to the changing nature of healthcare technology, you may have to update your evergreen content more frequently than other industries, but you can structure your content to make it easy to update.

Evergreen content can include basic concepts that offer helpful information to help inform beginners about your industry, products, or services. By choosing evergreen topics at each stage of the buyer’s journey, you will have a range of content that will appeal to various user depending on the stage of their journey.

Evergreen content is the easiest to maintain and sustain, meaning you can deliver new, relevant, and engaging content simply by adding to and updating your existing content. No matter the form or subject of your content, providing relevant and factual information will attract your audience. Content marketing allows you to engage current clients, expand your audience, and educate potential clients about your products and services, all from an affordable source.

Content marketing Services

Content marketing empowers businesses to express their unique business proposition while providing value and knowledge. Let Breezy Hill help you reach the full potential of your content strategy. Schedule a consultation today.

Editor’s note: This blog was originally published in July 2020 and has been edited and updated in November 2023.

Laura Hill

CMO | Co-Founder
With over twenty years experience in sales and marketing, Laura Hill is an accomplished marketing and business development strategist.

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