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Light your B2B ABM strategy on FIRE

A closer look at the methodology fueling B2B ABM strategies.

After our participation in the ‘I heart ABM’ webinar by LinkedIn, we wanted to take a moment to dive deeper into an effective account-based marketing methodology that has been a cornerstone of our approach for years: FIRE. FIRE, representing Fit, Intent, Recency, and Engagement, offers a structured pathway to amplify your B2B ABM efforts to see a greater, more immediate return on investment.

Ready to set your ABM strategies on FIRE? Let’s explore how fit, intent, recency, and engagement play key roles in effectively capturing high-quality leads and throughout the sales funnel.


Are you focusing on the right accounts? Every B2B company isn’t going to be the right fit for your services, so you must take the time to understand the ideal customer profile (ICP). By identifying the characteristics, industry, company size, and pain points that align with your offering, you can concentrate your efforts on those accounts most likely to benefit from your solution. A well-defined ICP helps you allocate resources efficiently, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your ABM strategy.


Do you know where your prospects are in their buyer’s journey? Your prospects may be on a different leg of their buyer’s journey, so knowing their level of consideration for services gives you the insight needed to market to their immediate pain points effectively. It tells you whether an opportunity exists to up-sell potential services or warm the prospect to your offerings. Understanding their intent enables you to tailor your messaging, whether educating them about their pain points or showcasing the added value your services can bring at their current stage of consideration. This insight allows for a more personalized and strategic approach in your ABM efforts, increasing the chances of conversion.


Are your prospects actively looking for your services? Beyond knowing where a prospect is in their journey, you need to know the last time they were active and engaged. Approach your in-market targets differently than those not actively searching. Understanding the recency of their engagement and intent gives you the opportunity to prioritize your efforts and resources. For those actively seeking solutions, it’s an opportunity to engage with timely and compelling offers.
For those less active, it might be a chance to nurture and educate, keeping your brand top of mind when they are ready to decide. This keen awareness of recency in the buyer’s journey is invaluable to your ABM strategy.


Are your prospects engaging with your emails, social posts, or ads? Recognizing prospect engagement is key in your ABM strategy. When your prospects actively respond to your content or outreach, it’s a clear signal of their interest and readiness to connect. At this point, your Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) need to reach out and nurture these promising leads personally. SDRs can provide the human touch needed to further the conversation and guide prospects toward conversion. Engagement isn’t just a metric; it’s the doorway to building meaningful relationships and driving results in your ABM campaign.

Setting your ABM strategies on FIRE is more than a catchy acronym; it’s a pathway to igniting B2B success. Fit emphasizes the importance of targeting the right accounts, intent guides us to the varying stages of the buyer’s journey, recency alerts us to the timeliness of engagement, and engagement solidifies the human connection. Together, these elements form a powerful framework that can elevate your ABM initiatives. Now, it’s your turn to harness the FIRE and turn it into results, capturing high-quality leads and progressing them effectively through the sales funnel. Are you ready to ignite your ABM success?

Breezy Hill Marketing has a proven record of implementing winning B2B ABM strategies — just take a look at the work we did with PatientBond.

Schedule a meeting to learn how the Breezy Hill Approach to ABM can help you meet your growth and ROI goals.

Jeff Hill

Owner / CEO
Jeff is a seasoned operations and analytics expert with a Masters in Healthcare Information Technology and experience in business development, branding, sales and marketing.

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