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Social Media Advertising

“Breezy Hill Marketing has been a game changer for us at Milk Money VT. They’ve been handling all of our social media needs and we couldn’t be happier. They are timely, understand our business and industry and most importantly our voice. Our bi-monthly check in meetings are not only to go over how things are going but are also inspiring brainstorming sessions that leave us full of new ideas & goals for the next month. We highly recommend Breezy Hill!”

Louisa, Milk Money VT

Why is advertising on social media such an important component to your overall business marketing plan?

You only pay when someone engages your ad, making it the single most cost-effective way to deliver your unique message directly to your targeted consumer base. Luckily, we are Social Media Advertising experts!

Which platform is right for your business?
We work with all major social media platforms to deliver the highest return on your advertising budget. Each platform brings a unique set of advantages. Which ones are right for your business?

Why Work With Us?

  • Proven Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
  • Programs Designed to Suit Your Specific Needs
  • White-Glove Customer Service and Support Every Step of the Way

Facebook & Instagram

Allows you to create audiences custom-fit for your business

  • Social media advertising campaigns that are developed specifically to match your goals (increased page likes, engagement with your blog, conversions on your landing page, etc)
  • Build an audience based not just on the standard demographics of location, gender and age but also interests – allowing you to truly reach the people most likely to respond positively to your message
  • Ads are optimized for desktop and mobile viewing and seamlessly cross posted to Instagram

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A critical keystone for building your B2B network and client base

  • Promote your company’s product or services through both unique sponsored posts and display advertising
  • Create an audience anchored by professional demographics such as industry, job title, job function and company size

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Quick, fun, and social

  • Objective-based advertising campaigns that are tailored to your specific campaign goals
  • Audience building that blends demographic and keyword targeting
  • Relatively low competition makes Twitter a great deal!

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Social Media Advertising
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Social Media Advertising
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Social media advertising is an important component of your overall business marketing plan? Luckily, we are Social media advertising experts!