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Professional Website Management Plans

We have a range of website hosting plans to meet your business needs for security, maintenance, traffic, and budget.

Get 5% off when paying 6 months in advance, or 15% off for 12 months in advance.

All of our plans include a monthly allocation of “Developer” time for making changes to your website. In case you require additional time for changes that exceed the monthly allocation, we offer our hosted customers a discounted rate for developer time.”


Ideal for small-business


Managed Pro

Ideal for a business with a larger site and traffic over 10K sessions per month.


Managed Operations

This is ideal for a business with a a larger site and traffic over 50k sessiopns per month.


Website Hosting Details

* Some vendors only offer to update your website once every few months. Because software updates are often tied to security issues, we update sites on a monthly basis (or sooner if an urgent security issue needs to be patched).

** Regular maintenance and fixes are included in your website. This additional time is allocated if you want changes made (i.e. posting images, changing page content, adding and updating plugins (assuming we have approved the plugin), and style/brand changes (e.g. changing fonts, color scheme, or logo). You may accrue up to 2 hours of time on the Managed and Managed Pro plans, but on the Basic + plan, time does not carry over to the following month. The regular hourly rate for making changes to websites is $105/hour.

*** We provide a free SSL certificate for your site.

**** After-hours support will be priced on an individual basis. Work requested after hours is twice our normal rate.

***** Mailgun is a service that manages email for the website. For clients that are sending out more than a couple thousand emails a month, this is a good solution to manage an email process and provide a warning if the site’s domain is being flagged as potential spam. If your monthly email volume exceeds 10,000, you will be charge based on’s pricing rates (in 2017 every additional 10,000 emails above the base 10,000 is about $5 per month).