We work with clients to ensure their site follows Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices in order to rank high in organic search results on search engines for their target audiences.

SEO Services

To ensure that your website remains visible on the search engines, it’s vital to follow best practices for SEO and continuously monitor your website  

Our SEO services consist of an initial audit of your site looking for technical issues that might be impacting your ranking in addition to identifying keywords and competitors to create a content strategy to improve your ranking. 

Our projects range from an initial website build to make sure a website has all of the SEO fundamentals in place to clean-up of an existing site, both of which can be combined with consistent monitoring of the site to ensure proper keywords are in place and it ranks competitively and resolve any SEO related technical issues on the site.

How Can SEO Services Help My Business?

Search engine optimization (SEO) increases the visibility of a website to those using a search engine such a Google or Bing. SEO refers to the visibility of your website on search engines, excluding paid placement and advertisements. 

By increasing your website’s visibility and search engine ranking, and having it displayed on search engines before your competition, you can increase traffic to your website. Additionally, by following best practices for SEO, you increase the quality of visitors to your website giving you a greater chance of converting them to customers.

Monitor and Seek Reviews

Our SEO Services

We offer SEO services to clients as a one-time process or an ongoing arrangement:

One-time – We will conduct a one-time evaluation of your website and provide a full report of findings and recommendations to improve your SEO based on the most up-to-date information and algorithms. This service can include a clean-up of your site or we can work with your web site team to identify and resolve any issues.

Ongoing Subscription – After an initial evaluation and recommendations, we will provide ongoing SEO support for your website. This includes ensuring the site is following changes in best practices for SEO, periodic evaluations, and the implementation of required updates to website copy, links, site map, etc.

Why Work With Us?

At Breezy Hill Marketing, our SEO experts help to establish a consistent online presence for your business’s website in both its structure and its visual design to attract the customers you want, all with your business goals in mind.