Boost Conversions With Dedicated Pages For Each Of Your Company’s Services

Attracting prospects to your website is one of digital marketing’s primary goals. Every search engine optimization principal and piece of inbound marketing content you produce, as well as most digital ads, are designed with that goal in mind.

What happens when prospects arrive? That is the all-important next part of the equation, that determines how – and whether – you convert site visitors into leads and customers.

A website’s service pages – the individual pages built around each of the services your business provides – are the key link between converting someone from a visiting prospect to a qualified business lead. They are an opportunity to speak to the needs of specific subsets of your prospective customers and present specific solutions.


The Importance Of Service Pages For SEO

If your company offers multiple services, a service page provides a dedicated spot to discuss in detail the merits of each service.

In doing so, you will naturally publish the keywords and phrases that tell search engines you provide the service. It’s also a chance to add service-specific keywords to back-end fields like the page’s title, meta description, and in the alt-text fields of the page’s images.

You will also be providing informative details to your potential customers and leveraging an opportunity for a focused call-to-action.


What To Include On A Service Page

  • Header – What is the key message you want to convey in big, bold type about this particular service? Distill the service into a compelling header that grabs the attention of your target audience.
  • Subheader – These two or three more descriptive sentences work with your header to give a clear picture of your offering without requiring a dive into a longer service description. But do provide a detailed service description for interested readers, aiming to answer questions before they visitors need to ask them.
  • Customer testimonials – Presenting other voices in the form of customer testimonials is a great enhancement to a service page. Testimonials complement your own content to present a more robust picture of your company and the service you are offering.
  • Calls-to-action – Your service page is an opportunity to present service-specific CTAs. Don’t be afraid to place CTA buttons linking to the same landing page in multiple locations on your service pages – one at the top that all page visitors will see, one in the middle for people to consider as they read the page, and one at the bottom to engage people who have finished reading the page.
  • Work examples – Show visitors examples of how you have provided the service to clients. This can be done with images and testimonials, or through a link to an online portfolio.

Excellent Service Page Examples

Check out these service pages done right.

  • Achievers – Great use of headers and subheaders and multiple CTAs as you scroll down.
  • Wix – The service page at Wix showcases the websites that can be built on the platform and provides multiple CTAs with a variety of wording.
  • Moz – Moz is very upfront with its pricing structure, a technique that won’t apply to every business website but plays well here. Moz also makes great use of their CTAs by enticing sign-ups but also providing people who aren’t ready to convert something of value (live webinars).

The value of website service pages will shine through in strengthened SEO and a direct connection with prospective customers. Make them part of a new website build or add them to your existing site.

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