Now, more than ever, it’s crucial for businesses to connect with their audiences in a meaningful way. If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, the worth of video is tenfold. A piece of video content is an opportunity to engage your audience with eye-catching content.


This article explores video editing software that offers the best value and covers both free and paid programs.


Engagement across social media platforms has risen 61% due to social distancing protocols. Putting video marketing at the forefront of your inbound marketing strategy is a great idea right now. Video is the most preferred content by consumers, especially on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Although your business might look different right now and operating with limited hours, staff, or services, it’s still important to continue interacting with customers and developing trust.


The following video editing software will help you make the most out of your footage, whether you’ve been in the video game for a long time or you are looking for ways to expand your social media reach and improve your social media ROI, and stay in touch with your target audience.


Free Video Editing Software



Typito is one of the best free services for making powerful video content. Typito has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface that allows you to make engaging content with no experience needed. Typito prides itself on its ability to help your business develop on-brand content for any platform. You can download your work at no cost if you don’t mind that the Typito branding remains on your video; otherwise, it can be removed with a one-time $10 payment.


YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is a built-in service on YouTube for creators to edit videos, analyze their success, and control the channel’s monetization. If you’re currently developing your own YouTube presence, YouTube’s Creator Academy is a great resource to learn about production, content strategy and channel optimization.



iMovie is Apple’s video editing software that integrates seamlessly with any Apple device and allows you to make studio-quality movies. If you’re already shooting on your iPhone, you can upload your video footage and work on any other iOS device. Watch this short video showcasing the type of quality you can expect from using Apple’s free video editing software.


Movie Maker 10

If you’re working on a PC, Movie Maker 10 is Microsoft’s free video editing program. The free version has rudimentary features such as trimming, joining, text captions, filters, transitions, pan-tilt zoom effects and the ability to add background music. The software also has a PRO version, which unlocks a variety of other features to manage your creations more efficiently.

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Paid Video Editing Software


Adobe Premiere

At Breezy Hill, Adobe Premiere is the software we trust to develop powerful content for our clients. Premiere, along with the rest of Adobe’s suite of programs sets the standard for video editing software, and leads the industry with a friendly interface, and wide range of ability. As always, the best of the best comes with a price tag and requires a monthly subscription.


Sony Vegas

VEGAS Pro 17 is the latest iteration of Sony’s video editing software, and rivals Adobe Premiere as one of the best programs for creating video content. VEGAS Pro’s strength lies in the quick rate at which raw footage can be edited into professional content. The program will also track and organize your work into a manageable workflow.


Final Cut Pro

Another great option for video editing software, granted you’re operating on Apple’s interface, is Final Cut Pro. Powerful editing tools combined with intelligent organizational workflow software grants efficiency and planning. Final Cut is on the cheaper side among all of the paid software options, but will still cost you approximately $300.


If the paid programs seem more enticing than the free options but are still out of your price range, keep an eye out for sales and promotions from their producers. A program that may be out of your budget now could be on sale next week and you’ll be making professional-quality videos in no time.


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