LinkedIn Has Been Around For 15 Years And Has Continually Grown Its User Base So It Can Be A Great Tool For Small Business Owners.

Easily demystified, LinkedIn can prove to be an indispensable part of a business owner’s online efforts. It is the premier platform for professionals, job-seekers and corporate executives, so the connections your business makes there can be the most valuable it makes on the web.

With That In Mind, Here Are Three Ways Your Business Can Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn:

1. Showcase Your Business AND Your Employees

As part of building out your business infrastructure, encourage your employees to create complete profiles. Profiles that go beyond an employee’s job title and education will enrich to your business’ overall presence.

Employees should use the opportunity to craft robust summaries of their skills, areas of expertise and interests. These will showcase their authority in your field and reflect positively on your business.

Meanwhile, your business page will be where industry peers, potential customers and job-seekers land when they interact with you on the network. Be descriptive with your services and products, use a professional tone and provide a prominent logo and link to your website.

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2. Retain Lasting Relationships

LinkedIn helps you bring the face-to-face world of networking events and informal handshakes into the realm of lasting online connections. It helps you convert a quick exchange of business cards into an ongoing exchange of ideas.

After you meet a new colleague or peer, follow up online with an invitation to connect on LinkedIn.

Write a personalized invitation that reminds the person where you met and, if appropriate, how you can work together. Your list of connections becomes a useful online Rolodex.


3. Start And Contribute To Industry Conversations

With your business and employee profiles shining and with a solid foundation of connections, you are ready to get the most out of LinkedIn. Start conversations by posting content your business has created, or share content from other established sources, adding an introduction with your thoughts on the subject. Join groups that are related to your business, and complementary industries, to stay up-to-date on the issues and conversations of the day.

Social Media Platforms are important, but always make sure your website is in order before sending potential customers to it! How Can Your Small Business Have a Successful Website?

Like and share content that colleagues post, adding your thoughts to further industry conversations.

Consistent LinkedIn interactions and activity will position your business as an authentic industry leader and attract new sales leads.

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