Website Pricing

How much does a website cost?

Some aspects of a website build are fixed – all of our websites are responsive, SEO optimized, and built using the latest themes and templates that WordPress offers.

We design and customize every WordPress website for our clients so the cost of each website varies depending on their individual needs. Until we speak to a client and determine the variables of a website, it is hard to assign a final price.

However, we know cost is a top priority when researching website vendors so here are a few numbers from 2019-2020 that can give you an idea of what a WordPress website can cost.

Our minimum price for a WordPress website:


On average, our clients’ websites cost:


Our range for WordPress

$7,500 – $55,000

Why is there such a big range of pricing?

There are many variables that can affect the final cost of your website. Here are a few common components that can add to the cost:

Number of pages – Each page of a website is built according to design and content, as the page count goes up, so does the cost.
Ecommerce setup – If your site requires an eCommerce component that is an entirely different function that will increase the time it takes to create your website as well as certain plug-ins that need to be purchased and installed.
Blog – If you don’t have an existing blog, and would like to set one up (highly recommended!) or if you need to migrate your blog from another platform, there are generally some additional website development costs.
Custom graphics – Some of our customers come to us with an established brand and graphics. If custom graphics are required, that requires more time from our graphic designer.
Forms – Most websites use some sort of form that allows customers to sign up for services, communication, etc. Several custom forms can add to the price of a website.
New content – If your website requires a lot of new, SEO friendly content, that can add to the time it takes to create, and edit the site to your liking. All of our writers are knowledgeable about writing for the web and ensure that each page is keyword and content optimized.

What am I paying for?

There are several roles that are involved in building a successful website that ensure it is optimized for search engines, functions and is indexed properly, incorporates UX design, and attracts and converts visitors.

When you hire an experienced firm to build your website, you receive a team of experts who will build you a beautiful, functional sales tool.

Project Manager – Much like a construction project benefits from a general contractor, a website build needs a project manager. The PM establishes the timeline and coordinates with the other team members to ensure the website meets all of our clients’ needs and is completed within the established time frame. The PM is also the primary contact for clients and provides regular status updates.
Graphic Designer – Most of our websites are based on templates, but even when a basic theme and structure are chosen, a graphic designer will make your website look its best. There are many aspects of a website that will either make it attractive to your audience and a powerful sales tool for your business or make it fall flat with visitors.
A graphic designer ensures that your brand, graphics, typography, and UX design is optimized for visitors as well as for search engines and will also ensure all the visual elements load quickly, are mobile-friendly, and are optimized for search engines.
Website Analyst – Web analysts use tools that measure website performance (such as Google Analytics) to determine areas of improvement and troubleshoot areas that may be causing poor performance. A web analyst will look at design, structure, and content in order to increase page views, optimize the user experience, and increase conversion rates. Our standard practice is to perform a preliminary analysis of your existing website and earmark areas that can be improved in the new site.
Content Writer – The need for content writers varies from website to website. Some of our clients need new content created for new pages, while others only need to revise and edit the current text. It’s rare that, when building a new website, that there is no need for some new content to be written. Our writers have years of experience creating content for websites that will help search engines identify keywords, index pages properly, and create conversion paths for visitors.
Website Developer – Website developers are the architect of your website. They are responsible for building the pages, structure, and all technical aspects of the website that make it display on all devices and function properly. There is a lot going on behind the scenes of a website and the developer makes sure it is built properly and runs smoothly.