Quest Technology Management

Website project


Website – 2020 vs. 2019

• Direct Sessions: Increased 118.7%
• Organic Traffic:Increased 25%
• Sessions from Social: Increased 98%
• LinkedIn impressions: Increased 102.9%

Quest Technology Management is an established IT services company that offers a wide range of technology solutions and managed cloud services that they’ve been tailoring to client needs for over 30 years. They serve a variety of industries including healthcare, education, finance, and government. Quest has Service Delivery Centers worldwide, where they help clients with the management, security, and recovery of valuable business information.


A streamlined website and blog, simpler conversion paths, & updated graphics

Quest sought to create a new website that provided a more streamlined digital experience allowing customers to find the information they needed quickly and easily. Part of this effort would include a simplified menu structure, archiving outdated information, and making their blog content easily accessible and navigable.

Their new website would have easily followed conversion paths, aided by the simplified menu for intuitive navigation around the site. Quest also sought to update their graphics throughout the website, providing a consistent, branded experience.

The Strategy

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Refine PPC Model, Conversion Reporting

Breezy Hill’s consultation involved designing and building a completely new website. Quest’s new website was designed to provide users a streamlined platform to find relevant information about Quest’s comprehensive IT services and solutions. In coordination with the website’s design update, Breezy Hill worked to increase its SEO focusing on relevant keywords, user intent, and user experience.

The website would also work to support Quest’s PPC and social media strategies. New landing pages and forms were created to convert and track potential leads.

The Result

A more efficient website, greater traffic & ongoing improvements

The launch of Quest Technology Management’s website in Summer 2020 resulted in a 25% increase in overall pageviews. The streamlined website allowed for more targeted conversion paths guiding users to pertinent information quickly and efficiently. More specific forms are in place to allow Quest to track conversions and offer insights into prospective clients.

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