JMS Elite

Web Design, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Advertising


Website – 2020 vs. 2019

• Organic Search increased 16%
• Form Completion/leads generated increased 63%
• Total number of conversions increased 60%
• Paid search conversions increased 154%


JMS Elite began working with Breezy Hill Marketing in 2014. An elite B2B lead generation firm, their goal was to create a marketing strategy that would increase name recognition, improve SEO, drive traffic to their website, and convert visitors into leads.

Up until contacting Breezy Hill Marketing, JMS Elite had relied upon word-of-mouth and referrals but understood that increasing their online presence and optimizing their website was an essential step in keeping their sales pipeline healthy.


Breezy Hill Marketing made improvements to the JMS Elite website and continue to do so on a regular basis.

We created an inbound marketing program that included blog creation, landing pages, CTAs, social media marketing and advertising and pay-per-click campaigns.

Most recently we have implemented pillar pages to increase SEO and improve search engine results for relevant keywords.

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