The Bateman Group

Inbound and Digital Marketing for The Bateman Group


2019 vs. 2020

• Facebook Sessions: increased 141%
• Facebook Users: increased 16%
• Website Users: increased 26%
• Website visits from social media: increased 91%

The Bateman Group is a successful real estate team located in Stowe, VT. They deliver top-notch service to Vermonters and out-of-state clients who enjoy Vermont as a second home. They are a top-producing Realty group in one of the most sought after locations in Central Vermont and are consistently ranked as one of the top five Realtors in this region.

With a record for superior customer service and a consistent inventory of beautiful listings, The Bateman Group was looking to grow their digital presence and increase their ability to showcase their properties and services to a targeted audience.

The Goal

Increase Traffic, Drive Leads, Engage Target Audience

When we began the program, The Bateman group had a solid history of organic traffic but they were looking to diversify channels, leverage social media platforms, and increase email marketing.

The goals of a stronger inbound and digital marketing program were to increase traffic to the website, engage more with their target audience, and be found more often by potential customers.

The Strategy

Social media, Newsletters, Engaging Blogs

Social media is a popular, and successful tool for Realtors allowing them to showcase their listings, engage with their ideal clients, and attract a larger audience through advertising.

We created a consistent posting schedule for both LinkedIn and Facebook that includes The Bateman Group’s featured listings as well as industry news and tips, local news, and testimonials from their many satisfied clients. We leveraged the professional photos of their listings and other assets to create short videos to attract and convert visitors.

Our LinkedIn strategy targeted specific demographics and users to reach a precise market and use advertising dollars efficiently.

To leverage the benefits of social media, and increase the SEO value of the site, The Bateman Group created a consistent blog and newsletter to share and engage with clients.

The Results

Actionable analytics, continuous improvement


By comparing year-over-year Google Analytics from 2018 to 2019 we saw significant improvements in the client’s main challenges. Overall, we were greatly successful in diversifying the client’s inbound channels by creating and sharing content on multiple platforms. We increased the unique pageviews by 51%, increased the average time spent on page by 31%, and decreased the bounce rate by 61%.

Social Media

Compared to the previous year, The Bateman Group increased their Facebook sessions by 565% in 2019; this made up 91% of the client’s social media sessions.

We used LinkedIn similarly; we implemented targeted advertising and in return increased our leads in specific demographics, which increased the stream of relevant traffic from this new channel.

Email Marketing

Sharing a newsletter via email has provided a routine and reliable method of getting topical blogs in front of readers. Consistent, branded email marketing has resulted in an increase in traffic to the website; in 2019, the client saw a 56% increase in new users, a 70% bounce rate decrease, and 52% increase in average session duration.