Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Pricing

Google Ads and Pay-per-Click allow you to target users who are actively searching online for your products or services. Our PPC experts target your ideal customer and drive traffic to your website.

Our pricing is based on the amount allocated to your ad budget. Minimum spend per campaign of $3,000 (you can have multiple campaigns for an account), anything less would not be an effective use of your funds. The first 3-4 weeks of all campaigns are for set-up and targeting.

Tier One

Ad Budget:
$3,000 to $25,000/month

Our Cost: $750 per month or 15% of your ad spend/month – whichever is greater*
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Tier Two

Ad Budget:
$25,001 or greater/month

Our Cost: $750 per month or 12% of your ad spend per month – whichever is greater*
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Start-Up Package – Ad Budget: $3,000 or less. Our cost: $450 flat fee (up to3 campaigns) per month. Get Started

*If you spend $10,000 across Google and Bing we charge $1,500 ($10,000 * 15% = $1,500) for that month. If you were to spend $3000 we would charge you $750 for that month because 15% of $3,000 is $450, but we have a minimum charge of $750 dollars.

What you get for our service fee

We constantly review and monitor your accounts to make necessary changes every week

Many agencies have different plans where they charge you more for frequent updates of an account. We monitor each account and make updates as the campaign requires, not by the number of updates.

We make sure conversion tracking is working.

We verify that conversion tracking is working on your site and for the account. Google’s Algorithm relies on clean conversion tracking to work properly. We will not take on an account unless we can verify that conversion tracking is working properly. We use a phone conversion tracking system in addition to the conversion tracking that Google provides.

We work with you to optimize your landing pages.

Once a landing page has been identified for the campaign(s) we review it and provide feedback for recommended changes. After the campaign is up and running we add HotJar ™ tracking to the page so we can review customer behavior on the site to determine if there are opportunities to improve the conversion on the page.

We don’t send a report once a month and move on until the next month.

We meet with you in person and make recommendations along with updates.