Merge Healthcare Product Marketing


Merge Healtchare product marketing

Merge Healthcare Product Marketing

Project Description

Merge Healthcare specializes in delivering advanced, market-leading healthcare solutions for enterprise imaging for radiology, cardiology, orthopaedics and eye care; a suite of solutions for clinical trials; software for financial and pre-surgical management, and applications that fuel the largest modality vendors in the world.

Merge needed to supplement its current marketing staff and outsource projects so the company could focus on business critical initiatives. For the past 1.5 years, Breezy Hill Marketing has been handling the development of marketing materials for Merge’s complex imaging software for hospitals and imaging centers.


This project includes interviewing solution management, developing plans, creating and updating data sheets, website, case studies, messaging, Powerpoint presentations, and event participation. Our strategy can be summed up as translating tech speak into common language accessible to investors and potential customers.


We worked with Merge Healthcare Product Marketing to supplement and improve their existing marketing efforts. We worked with their marketing team to create product strategy, and solution managers to enhance their ability to discuss their products, promote new features and explain what differentiates them from competitors. We created marketing materials, case studies, blog posts, and presentations that translated tech speak into manageable ideas and products for clients and prospects. This included both copywriting and graphic support.

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