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Project Description

Liberty Chocolates is a Vermont-based company with big heart and big values. It began in Katrina Coravos’ home kitchen and quickly grew to a nationally recognized brand. Katrina wanted to evolve/update her brand. She wanted a new website and supporting materials that spoke to the unique attributes of her product, her values, and which facilitated online purchases.


We determined that the success and popularity of the Liberty Chocolate brand was a product of two factors: 1) the quality and uniqueness of her product; specifically the use of local honey as sweetener; and 2) her personal story and deep belief in liberty. We worked with Katrina to enhance how to she visually presents herself online. Using graphics, photos, and text we empowered Katrina to share her life story, her beliefs, and what makes her product unique through a new website and updated support materials.


We took her existing brand, listened to what she was about, and what she wanted to communicate, and brought a more modern, “colors that pop” feel that aligns with her aesthetic. This included creating an updated logo, new labels, custom banners, sell sheets and other supporting marketing materials, plus a new website. We also coordinated a photo shoot for the products and new labels and trained her on how to use the WordPress platform.

The new logo was created with reference to the existing logo. We took aspects the she liked and and included them in the new design to keep the product familiar to her existing clients. We incorporated the star, bee, and honeycomb imagery from the logo into the wrappers. The wrappers were designed with the store shelf in mind. Since we knew that they would be displayed next to similar products we wanted them to pop off the shelf. We created wrappers with bold lettering and colors to do that.

We based the website off of the logo and wrappers we designed. Keeping the same colors and feel, we created a site that would showcase the new brand and convert website visitors into chocolate bar purchasers. SEO was improved through plugins and custom work to create relevant content optimized to her search terms. Our goal was to create a website that would be easily found, showcase the authenticity of her story and products, and facilitate product purchases.

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