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JMS Elite

Project Description

A leading B2B lead generation firm hired by companies in need of outsourced expertise for complex sales. JMS Elite uses a proven approach to lead generation, leveraging an experienced team of business development executives. They contact targeted business executives via phone and engage in meaningful interactions, resulting in highly qualified sales opportunities for their clients.

Up until contacting Breezy Hill Marketing, JMS Elite had relied upon word-of-mouth and referrals but understood that increasing their online presence and optimizing their website was an essential step in keeping their sales pipeline healthy.

JMS Elite hired Breezy Hill Marketing in 2014 with the defined goals of improving their digital presence, increasing brand awareness, and generating qualified opportunities.


We worked closely with JMS Elite to develop a marketing strategy that would meet their goals.  We learned their approach to B2B lead generation and focused on creating content that would attract and convert their ideal clients.

Our marketing strategy supports their existing outreach efforts and seeks to deliver their philosophy and insight to their target customers through easy-to-access mediums, including blogs, newsletters, and social media.


WordPress Website
The Breezy Hill team migrated the JMS Elite website to a WordPress platform and incorporated a blog so that the underlying structure and content were optimized for SEO and targeted client-specific keywords.

Inbound Marketing
We implemented a structured, inbound marketing plan that included frequent original blog posts and engagement on social media, with a particular focus on LinkedIn. JMS Elite now has a strong presence and frequent engagement on LinkedIn, as well as a targeted B2B sales audience on Facebook and Twitter.

In 2018 we began implementing pillar pages in order to improve SEO for their most sought-after keywords. We have seen a steady increase in rankings for those keywords and continue to link content that provides value to their target audience.

Digital Advertising
We created and managed a digital ad campaign that includes paid ads on Google and Bing search engines with a remarketing digital campaign using custom-designed ads as well as CTAs and landing pages consistent with the JMS Elite brand.


The organization credits Breezy Hill Marketing with helping them increase their online presence, expand their brand awareness, and support their solid revenue story.

2018-2019 Statistics
JMS Elite Website – Year over Year Results

  • Organic search: increase of 16%
  • Form completion/leads generated: increase of 63%
  • Total number of conversions: increase of 60%
  • Paid search conversions: increase of 154%
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