Gray Group Real Estate

Project Description

Michelle Gray and her father, David Gray, have been running a successful real estate business for over 12 years. With a proven track record, and a clear philosophy, they have built a business on integrity. Their existing website for real estate had limited functionality and did not provide the service that they wanted to their clients. Their goal was to create a new website that would act as a comprehensive tool for clients to effectively search for real estate.


We determined that the Gray Group needed a new website that reflected their brand sensibility and their continued philosophy that they strive, above all, for honesty and integrity within their business. The new site needed to be highly functional in its search capability and it needed to provide a clean aesthetic.


We worked with a local graphic designer to develop graphics which reflected the Gray Group philosophy and we implemented a new website using a WordPress platform. The new website is integrated with the IDX system so that it can house all current real estate listings held by both Gray Group and other area Realtors. The new site includes updated search options so that potential clients can find relevant listings using multiple criteria.

graygroup responsiveness image


The new integrated platform increased site traffic and engagement of prospective clients. The website is now an effective search tool as well as an accurate reflection of the Gray Group’s commitment to their clients.