WordPress Is A Great Platform, And We Highly Recommend It When Creating Your Small Business Website.

Plugins are a great idea when you want to tailor your website to meet specific needs. There are tons to choose from and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, we can help! Below are our top pics for WordPress plugins.

1) Yoast SEO

As the name suggests, Yoast SEO is a plugin focused on Search Engine Optimization – and it’s easily one of the most comprehensive options you’re going to find for ensuring that your content is as optimized as possible. The main feature here is Page Analysis, which checks for the small but vital things it’s easy to forget – whether your images have alt-tags with the right text, whether your meta description has your focus keyword, and so on.

Individually, these things may not matter much, but collectively they can have a huge impact on your final results. Yoast SEO is basically an extra pair of eyes checking your page before it goes live, and it is definitely worth using.

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2) Contact Form by WPForms

This is on our list of the best WordPress plugins for small business sites because forms tend to be an important part of achieving your goal. In particular, many sites use forms to let people contact them, gather email addresses, help people sign up for subscriptions, and otherwise engage with the site beyond simply navigating around.

Unfortunately, coding a great form yourself isn’t always as simple as it should be – and that’s where WPForms’ plugin comes in. This plugin uses a drag-and-drop system alongside a collection of pre-made templates so you can quickly create exactly the type of form you need. In addition, all forms are mobile responsive so they’ll still look and function the way they should on any device.

3) Schema

How would you like to improve your search engine results with basically no time or effort spent? All right, being honest, I’m usually the first to point out how unlikely that is… but Schema is a rare plugin that can actually do that.

This simple plugin is built around helping search engines find the information they need, and it’s all done automatically so you don’t have to worry about updating it for each page. This does make a difference – if search engines ‘understand’ your site, they can make a better judgment about whether your content matches what users are searching for… and content is still king.

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4) Testimonials Widget

As we mentioned in our post on creating a Unique Selling Proposition, testimonials are a great way to show that what you’re selling is worth buying – and that’s why this is one of the best WordPress plugins for small business.

The Testimonials Widget offers features like rotating slideshows of customer comments, random displays, transitions, and even the ability to selectively show content based on various kinds of ID. This makes it easy to always show testimonials that are relevant to the content a user is looking at.

5) MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp isn’t technically a WordPress service, but this plugin allows you to combine the two by linking your accounts, automatically adding new subscriptions to your MailChimp lists, and otherwise making it easier to market to people who have already expressed an interest in your company.

Getting people onto your mailing lists is a key aspect of a successful marketing strategy, and anything that makes this easier is absolutely worth doing. Be sure to keep an eye on your lists, though, and segment them to target your customers more effectively.

 What about the prices?

Many of the best WordPress plugins for small business come in both free and premium versions. Some require one-time fees where others are subscription based. Research what you think will work best for your needs.

If you’re not sure, give the free version a try before going premium. It will become clear what you are using and when it is worth it to pay for an upgrade.



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