WordPress Is A Simple, Flexible Content Management System Designed To Help Create And Manage Websites.

And it’s so capable that more than a quarter of all websites on the internet use it.

Its userbase even includes names like Google, Facebook, Sony, and The New York Times – companies that easily have the talent and funding to create completely original sites, but have instead chosen this platform.

Let’s take a look at why this CMS has become the tool of choice for people looking to create robust, dynamic websites.

1) Ease of Use

The true complexity of a website isn’t what visitors see – it’s the coding on the back end. Coding a simple site isn’t very difficult as long as you have a guide to follow, but today’s users expect more than just a navigation bar and some text.

WordPress was designed with ease of use in mind, so even people who have no knowledge of coding at all can quickly set up a good-looking site.

If you’d like to take things a step further, many guides are available to help you customize the site – and if you’d rather hire someone to do it for you, they’ll almost certainly have the familiarity they need to code the site you want.

2) Design

The real value of design for a WordPress website isn’t in the many website templates that can be used to instantly create the basic framework of a site – although that’s pretty useful, too. Rather, the value here is how easy it is to change the design of the site without worrying about breaking the other components.

For example, improving the security of your website is a fairly straightforward matter.

You can also tweak the design to support your Search Engine Optimization efforts, funnel visitors to certain pages, or make any other changes you want.

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3) Reliability

One of the most user-friendly parts of a WordPress website is how reliable it’s going to be.

It is an open source platform, and countless users have helped to debug the code and produce an extraordinarily stable and flexible CMS.

It’s also fairly easy to move a site between different hosting environments and companies.

If you find a better deal with another internet host, or your needs are growing you could use added server support, you can pursue that without worrying that it’s going to hurt your site to any serious degree.

4) Plugin Support

Every WordPress website has access to some great plugins – and the value of these shouldn’t be underestimated.

Plugins offer an easy way to improve a website, add functionality, link to other services you support, and generally make your site more effective at accomplishing your goals.

There’s one important thing to keep in mind, however – the size of your website, which directly affects the speed it loads at. HubSpot notes that the ideal loading time for your website is 1.5 seconds or less – and having too many plugins can slow your site down.

As a good rule of thumb, try to balance each added plugin with one of these methods for speeding up a site.

5) Pricing

No discussion of the value of a WordPress website is complete without an understanding of its pricing structure.

Counting both WordPress’ own subscription fee and the costs of plugins you’re likely to use, you can own a dynamic website for less than $50 a month – and that’s pocket change if you’re leveraging the power of inbound marketing to drive customers to you.

There are many different content management systems out there, but none of them have the same combination of flexibility, reliability, ease-of-use, and affordability that WordPress offers.

Together, these factors make WordPress the ideal default for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to create robust, dynamic, and ultimately profitable websites.

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