Building An SEO Plan That Focuses On Marketing In And Around Your Current Location Is Vital For Realtors

In fact, four out of every five consumers conduct local searches, so let’s take a closer look at why local SEO for Realtors can make an impact on your overall success.

Why Local SEO Matters

Real estate is an extremely competitive business, with multiple Realtors competing for customers in the same geographic area.

strong local SEO plan can make a big difference when you’re competing with other Realtors, especially if you don’t have a solid local presence of your own.

Your goal here is to try and get your name and website into the top three search results. These are the locations that Google highlights with a map and directions, making them far more likely for people to visit.

How to Build the Foundation for Local SEO

Getting started with local SEO isn’t very difficult, but there are a number of things you’ll want to do to strengthen your presence and help you reach the top of the results page.

1. Set Up Your Google My Business Page

You can do this using this link. Make sure the profile here has a good description of your business, that you’ve selected the most accurate category, and that you’ve included a couple of great photographs of your location. These kinds of details won’t show up in every sort of search – especially on mobile devices – but they’ll help you capture people doing local searches from their desktop.

2. Make Sure Your Google+ Page Links Back To Your Business.

It’s still not as popular as many other kinds of social media, but Google can and does take your use of it into account when determining search results. It may only have a small effect all by itself, but every little bit helps when you’re in such a competitive field.

After that, find other sites to list your business. This includes things like yellow pages, business directories, and even the website for your town or city (if they happen to offer that sort of information). Try to make sure that your business information – especially your address and formatting – is consistent across all of these listings. Search engines usually use addresses to build up relationships between listings and websites, so continuity will help your site’s reputation and establish it as a credible, confirmed business.

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3. Encourage Clients To Leave Reviews

Having positive reviews on a number of sites – as many as you can get – will also help to improve your results. Here, I need to stress the importance of making sure the reviews are genuine – they need to be from actual customers. Writing them yourself for the SEO boost can seem tempting at first, but this tends to get found out… and could actually end up lowering your placement.

4. List Each Location That Pertains To Your Business

If you have more than one office, you’ll want to be sure that each one is registered separately on each listing service. This will help maximize your visibility and draw in the highest possible number of potential clients.

A Solid Start

Now, these tips aren’t the only things you’ll need to do for local SEO. However, they’re a solid start for your overall marketing strategy – and more importantly, they’re easy to do.

In fact, aside from Google’s My Business (which may require some additional verification on their end) and getting customers to leave reviews, you should be able to get all of these fairly quickly.

You may not see the changes right away, optimization is always a slow build, but as you continue to work on improving your local SEO presence and getting reviews from customers, you will start to notice the difference.

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Just remember: Getting people to your website is only the first step. They’ll be looking for certain things once they arrive, so a strong follow-through is what will turn higher traffic into real business.



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