Implementing A Professional Services Inbound Marketing Program Is Essential To Growing Your Business

A great inbound marketing program begins with your website, so you should make sure it is working for you (you want it to add to your revenue rather than just looking pretty).

Don’t think of your presence on the web as a brochure for people to read – it should attract and convert new customers.

In a 2014 survey, FindLaw found that more people found a lawyer by searching the internet than through any other method – and this trend isn’t unique to law. We all want our businesses to succeed, so it only makes sense to advertise in a way that finds the largest group of customers.

1) Make Sure Your Website Is up to Date

Having a fresh, responsive design is absolutely vital if you want your website to succeed. If your website looks outdated, it’s going to tell visitors that you haven’t kept up with the times and might not know as much about your field as you should.

This doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune making the fanciest website you can – having a simple website is fine. In fact, having a simple website may even be better than making it too large or complicated.

The point is that it needs to have the kind of design your visitors expect – and that design should make them feel like you’re the kind of trustworthy professional they’re looking for.

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2) Offer Something to Your Visitors

Companies often wonder about what customers can give them (i.e. money), but don’t spend as much time thinking about what they can give to customers. Well… if you really want to succeed with a professional services inbound marketing strategy, it’s time to change that.

Remember, you are the expert in the relationship you’re trying to form – so communicate that to your visitors! Of course, different services will have different things to offer, and that’s fine.

This really deserves its own discussion, so check out our three great marketing offers that professional services can make.


3) Consider the Sales Funnel

Converting visitors into customers isn’t something that happens just because they visit your website – and the most successful services are those that understand how to use the sales funnel to move customers through the site and convince them to take the next step.

Consider what you want people to do after each task they complete. For example, do you want them to visit your services page? Subscribe to your blog or newsletter? Download an offer? Fill out a contact form? Make it clear to people what their next step should be – and provide an obvious way for them to do it.

4) Find Your Keywords

Keywords are still a major part of every professional services strategy, but many companies don’t realize they need to do more than figure out which words are popular.

People make searches for a reason, and some keywords represent potential customers better than others. For example, if someone searches for “Best [service] in [their city]”, they’re more likely to be interested in converting into a customer than someone searching for “what do [professionals] do”.

Buyer Personas – realistic details of your target audience – can help you determine what your customers are actually thinking about each keyword you consider using.

5) Share Your Expertise

Once you have a site, it’s time to start sharing it. You can use social media to promote your site, publish blogs on multiple platforms, put out press releases and photos… when people notice and interact with these things, it tells search engines that your website is considered important and useful.

Even better, spreading your net wide – but with a focus on people who actually care about what you’re offering, not simply advertising to everyone you can – is how you get them into your sales pipeline and ultimately get them to convert into customers.

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