Details On WordPress’ Latest Release And Capabilities

WordPress is the clear leader of the pack for open-source web development platforms.

This content management system (CMS) powers over 26% of all websites, from the largesse of The New York TImes blog network to the the smallest of small business sites.

Renowned for its theme-based structure and plugin-friendly architecture, WordPress released its version 4.7 in January 2017.

We reviewed what’s new for WordPress and found some features that really improve the user experience!


WordPress For Google Docs

In March, WordPress announced “Wordpress for Google Docs,” which integrates everything you can do in content creation on Google’s cloud platform with your WordPress site’s backend.

With this add-on, anything you create in Google Docs can be exported directly to your WordPress site, without having to copy and paste, so you avoid the risk of losing your formatting and image sizing in the process. You can even preview how your content will look in WordPress while you are composing it in Google Docs.

What's New for WordPress in 2017

Menu building

With WordPress 4.7, website architects have a quicker way to built out a site’s infrastructure, in terms of menu items and site navigation. Now, you can add pages directly within the menu editor, making it easier to build out the structure of your site before you have all the content ready. Then, when all the content is ready, you can navigate to the pages you’ve set up in the menu editor to add the content.


Video headers

Each year, WordPress releases a new default theme for the year. The theme for 2017 is ideal for businesses with strong imagery, because it features a large header area at the top.

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That area can be filled with a still image, or, for the first time, a video. WordPress now accepts videos to be used as header media. This can be accomplished through uploading your own video in MP4 format or by providing the link to a YouTube video.

Improved Image Editing And Management

WordPress has expanded its image uploading capabilities to accept images in bulk and allow you to edit them in the file management area instead of just as you add them to a post. You can do the same for image titles, captions, and descriptions.


PDF Viewers

WordPress now supports actual previews of the PDFs in your media library instead of a generic icon.

WordPress For IPad

WordPress’ mobile editing apps were originally designed just for smartphones. But this year, WordPress released an app geared for iPads. The app makes better use of the larger tablet field to maximize productivity for tablet users, making it easier to manage multiple WordPress sites at one time.


WordPress’ commitment to ongoing improvements and yearly theme designs is one of the things that makes it a great option for web design. It’s our go-to platform, and we recommend it to anyone considering launching a new site.



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