It’s Hard To Argue With The Idea That Video Is Our Most Powerful Storytelling Medium

As a business owner or non-profit leader with a great story to tell, using video can leave a lasting impact on the people you want to reach.

Video as a sales and marketing tool continues to evolve. We are seeing businesses use video on websites and social media to convey important points to support lead generation programs. We are also seeing businesses use video on their websites to convey key messages and to visually engage visitors.

When is video a good idea and how can small businesses use video for lead generation?

User-friendly video editing software comes preloaded on all Apple computers (iMovie). Other free options are Filmora and Lightworks. More advanced software options include Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro. Video that is consistent with your brand, valuable for your customers, and relevant in your industry can separate you from the pack.

Consider these four ways to use video on your website.


1) Video Background

If videos on your website help you stand out from the pack, video backgrounds help you stand out even among websites that employ videos.

A video background is a silent video loop that fills the width of your website and autoplays behind the content on your site.

This Canadian film company’s website is a stunning example. So is this boat tour operator’s site.

Rather than conveying a direct message, video backgrounds excel at creating a mood or atmosphere within which your visitor experiences your website.


2) Demonstrate The Complex


Talented video producers can condense even the most dense topics into a video of under a minute. If your topic would take several hundred words to explain in writing, you risk alienating a good number of people who are just not willing to put in the time to read and understand your story.

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Video for Lead Generation

A well-crafted video can make it quicker and easier to explain complex topics – and it’s often more effective than the written word.

You do stand to lose out, however, on the SEO benefits of a written explanation peppered with keywords that search engines will recognize.

We recommend providing a transcript of the video on your site to reduce any loss of SEO. Even if no one reads the transcript, search engines will recognize it.


3) Personalization

One of the best opportunities available to small businesses and nonprofits is the ability to create videos themselves that share their personality and the organization’s perspective on different, relevant topics.

There are many tools available on the market today that small businesses can use to create quick videos that answer key questions from their clients and prospects and share valuable content. These videos can be in the format of question-and-answer sessions or quick tips.

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Apple users can quickly train themselves on iMovie for quality video production. Filmora and Lightworks are also free and easy to use.

These programs give anyone the ability to create content that stirs people’s emotions.

To paraphrase the late Maya Angelou: They may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.

4) Shareability

Video is more likely to go viral. Within social media news feeds that are predominantly words and photos, videos stop scrollers in their tracks.

Videos are easy to share, and they attract engagement in the form of comments, likes and shares better than any other format of social media post.

A compelling video will entice your existing fans and followers to share it with their friends and contacts. And their friends may share it with their friends, and so on.

This is a potentially exponential increase in visibility for your brand.

A few more considerations for you as you ponder video for your organization:

  • Does your company or nonprofit have a funny side?
  • Do you want to convey your smarts or generosity?
  • Do you have a poignant story to tell?

Video is universal and accessible to everyone. It is a direct line to people’s emotions. Keep it short and digestible, and you will convey your message most effectively. Also remember, one video will do the trick. Overloading your homepage with multiple videos will not only slow your site’s loading time, it is also, in most cases, overkill.

Video can enhance your website in ways no other element can. It can be spread across the web like wildfire and imbue your visitors with lasting feelings about your brand. Use it in moderation to get the most out of your story.

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