How To Make The Most Of This Popular Platform

Instagram is a great platform for Realtors since it’s so visual in nature. If you haven’t been active lately, or think your program could use a refresh, we’ve got you covered!

Here are six creative ways to use Instagram for Realtors:

1) Hashtags

Hashtags are how people search through images by subject, and they’re great for attracting eyeballs that are looking for specific things.

You’ll want to use at least one unique hashtag for your business, but you’ll also want to use a few popular tags that will help your pictures get seen. Emphasis on “few”, there – popular hashtags also have lots and lots of competition, so you’ll probably have more views if you stick with only somewhat-popular tags.

This is essentially the same principle as using medium- and long-tail keywords for search engine optimization.

Be sure all of your hashtags are genuinely relevant to the image and your audience.

For example, you might add #homeforsale when you’re posting up a picture of a new property or #bigbackyard if there’s a lot of space for kids to play. (Be sure to search for a hashtag before using it to make sure it’s not used for an inappropriate topic – that happens every now and then.)

2) Stories

Instagram’s Stories feature allows you to upload multiple pictures as part of a slideshow – which, of course, is fantastic if you want to share multiple photos of a new property without swamping your followers’ feeds.

This is a relatively new feature and is rising in popularity so make sure to take advantage of it. Tip: Be sure to include a ‘cover’ image that gets people interested enough to look through the rest of the album.

3) Video

Instagram allows you to post short video clips, and these can generate a lot of engagement! Take advantage of this fun feature.

A quick panorama of a backyard or the start of a walk through can catch people’s attention and make them curious about the rest. You’ll probably want to have the full video up on your website.

Slow-motion videos are often a fun way of working in this type of content. For example, you could have a short clip of somebody jumping into a pool, a quote about the joys of summer, and then follow it up by mentioning that you have several properties with pools available.

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4) Filters

Filters are a lot of fun, and apps like Canva and Waterlogue make it easy to add them to your photos.

Now, when most people think of filters, they think of an effect that applies to the whole image – making it look like an old photograph, for example, or transforming it into a watercolor painting. These are great ways to make your photos stand out in a feed. However, they aren’t the only sorts of filters that exist.

Try adding words over your photos, describing the features that are described. You could list the number of bedrooms, cite the great location, or point out how a tall ceiling means it’s bunk-bed friendly. Have some fun with fonts and colors – remember, you want your post to stand out enough that a viewer will click on it to learn more.

5) Testimonials

You won’t want to spam these, but it’s okay to occasionally promote your business. Choosing an eye-catching photo and adding a quote from a satisfied customer can be a great way to spread the word about the great personalized service you provide!

Use different photos of current homes on the market, or a landscape photo featuring a popular landmark in the area you serve and then insert a real review from a recent client – this sort of marketing is fun and light but can have a real impact.

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6) Series

Finally, a good use of Instagram for Realtors is the creation of a fun series of photographs. Think of a theme that you can apply to your properties and then have some fun!

These can include great views, homes that were just sold, homes that were just listed, spectacular gardens, quaint porches, lakeside or mountain home… whatever you think your followers might be interested in seeing. Create a hashtag for the series to help viewers find other similar posts.


Finally, remember to have fun and stay current. If Instagram has launched a new feature – as they do on a regular basis – take a few moments to understand it, adjust your marketing plans, and work it in to your program.

You don’t need to be all business all the time, either – try being fun at the start, then working in your advertisements once you’ve gotten some new followers.

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