Twitter Is A Powerful Platform For Marketing Professional Services And Increasing Your Exposure.

The features Twitter offers allow you to target your audience, all while connecting with other businesses and thought leaders.

Not sure how you can use Twitter for professional services marketing? Here are five ways that we’re using Twitter for marketing in 2017.

1) Hashtags

If you’re still not familiar with the purpose of a hashtag; it is a word or phrase preceded by the hash (or ‘number’) symbol, as in #GreatMarketingIdea. It is a way of assigning a category, or “tag”, to whatever it is you are talking about.

Hashtags give users the ability search the entirety of Twitter for tweets in seconds.

Adding a hashtag to your tweet identifies the topic it is referring to, and more importantly, allows your audience to search and find your information quickly. Hashtags can be general, for example #success, or much more specific such as #B2Bleadgeneration.

You can assign more than one hastag to a tweet, but don’t add too many. A good rule of thumb is 1-3 hashtags per tweet.

We find that a mix of general and specific hashtags is a good formula. A general hashtag may be found more often but a specific hashtag will get you found by a more targeted audience that is searching for what you have to say.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with hashtags. Try some and see what gets you found and shared. When you re-share a tweet, adjust the hashtags and see if it changes the performance.

2) Lists

Twitter allows you to create and use both public and private lists.

This lets you categorize your followers in different ways, and it’s particularly useful if you want to segment your audience or the people you follow.

For example, you may have separate lists for thought leaders, local businesses, colleagues, business insiders, and others you want to keep on your radar.

Public lists are good for increasing followers and getting your tweets shared. You can invite people to join a list even if they’re not a follower yet, and in many cases they’re willing to accept – who doesn’t want to be considered a “thought leader”? They may even add you to one of their own lists in response, and this kind of reciprocity can lead to more people following you, seeing your tweets, and sharing your information.

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3) Trending Topics

Twitter allows you to see what topics and hashtags are currently trending – and it’s great when one of these aligns with your business. When that happens, you can add that hashtag to some of your tweets – for example,  #WednesdayWisdom may be trending as a category of inspiring, funny, or interesting comments that appeal to large crowds.

Always research a hashtag before you use it.

Some businesses have jumped onto a trending hashtag without understanding what it’s about, and ended up undercutting their own marketing efforts by appearing completely insensitive to the topic. It only takes a few moments to search for the hashtag and read up on its origins and meaning, and it is always better to do your research before using a new hashtag.

Similarly, don’t try to twist a hashtag away from its understood meaning – instead, focus on supporting it and delivering the content people expect. People are far more likely to start trusting you if you come across as a company that only shares relevant and helpful information.

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4) Analytics

Twitter has its own analytics suite, and you can use it to look up information on more than just your own material. In particular, you’ll want to see what the top tweets are, what’s in the news, and what people are really talking about.

Again, research before sharing anything.

The analytics suite also allows you to see who your top followers are and what your top mentions were.

This gives some great insight into who’s following you and what sorts of things they like. You can also use it to find new people to follow, and see why you’re making news in the first place. For example, is a particular blog link or offer performing particularly well?

Knowing people are interested can help you capitalize on an opportunity.

5) Automation

Marketing automation is great for small businesses – especially because sites like Twitter can be a black hole for time and you probably have other things you need to be doing.

Done right, Twitter will help your business, but it’s still important to be as efficient as possible.

Tools like those we just linked to will help you properly automate things. Take the time to get to know the tools before using them to manage your time so that you are comfortable with all of the features. Most offer support if you have any questions or need help with set-up!

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