Content marketing is integral to inbound marketing. Creating consistent and valuable content can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a plan. Blogging is one of the most effective forms of content to share with your current customers and a great way to attract new ones.

To avoid falling behind or abandoning goals, consider using organizational systems like content calendars.

Perks of a Blog Calendar

Content marketing allows marketers to explore endless options for creating engaging and unique content, but one medium most marketers can agree on is a blog; in fact, 55% of marketers prioritize their blogs over any other media.

Creating engaging blogs is important, but to maintain an effective content marketing program, you need to have a solid plan. Filling out a content calendar is the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to organize your blog content marketing.

Three key reasons to use a blog calendar… 

  • Organization

Whether you post once a day, once a week, or once a month, your due dates will suddenly sneak up on you if you are not prepared.

To avoid missing deadlines and forgetting assignments, a calendar helps you plan out your blog ideas into the future; when the time comes to start writing the next blog, you already have a relevant topic ready to go!

Organizing your blogs will save time and prevent stress, which will let you focus on more pressing matters and save money.

Download our 12-month professional services blog calendar

  • Effectiveness

For your blogs to be impactful, the topics you post must be relevant and helpful to your readers. When using a blog calendar, you are able to plan for the future; this gives you the chance to choose topics that will be most relevant to your readers presently; you may choose to write about certain topics depending on the time of year. Having this calendar also makes it easier to fit in topics that are rising in popularity with your audience.

Over time, you will begin to see what topics perform better with your unique audience.

Blogging offers more than just a means of attracting consumers; each blog collects key data on visitors that will help you fine-tune your marketing strategy to better approach your specific targets.

  • Strategy

Your blog should work towards goals beyond simply attracting readers. Each post should offer more to readers and encourage them to come back for more. To ensure you are offering something of value to your readers, strategize about what you are posting.

When you use a calendar to plan out your blog content, you will take more time to think about what topics you want to address.

Planning ahead makes you more prepared to adjust to the future. Over time you can adjust this schedule based on reader response to address the more engaging topics. By offering valuable content to consumers, you are more likely to attract repeat customers and establish a trusting consumer-brand relationship.

Download our Blog Calendar PDF HERE!

Blogging is a staple of the marketing world- 82% of marketers create and share blogs to boost visibility and reach their target audiences! To take advantage of this powerful form of content and create a lucrative and effective blog, you must organize. Over 69% of companies use an editorial calendar to organize their blog posts; use our blog calendar to organize your content creation to ensure a more engaging and profitable blog.

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